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Superior Line Striping & Pavement Maintenance in San Jose

The EverLine Coatings and Services San Jose office offers a wide range of line striping and pavement maintenance services including asphalt pothole repairs, asphalt sealcoating, crack filling, and more.

Reduce Annual Costs

Our clients save 20-30% over 3 years with our exclusive TBL traffic paint product.

Improve Safety

From clear markings to slip-resistant coatings, we help you keep people safe.

Increase Visual Appeal

Properties that look great create more value for employees and customers.

EverLine Coatings Removes the Stress From Pavement Maintenance

Precision line striping craftsmanship using long-lasting products.

Our exclusive infrared asphalt repair technology smooths and seals potholes for a permanent fix.

Weather-resistant asphalt sealcoating creates an even surface and protects your asphalt from the elements.

Invest in the long-term performance of your concrete surfaces by sealing concrete cracks before they spread and grow.

Keep the expansion joints in your concrete sealed to mitigate premature deterioration caused by water intrusion with our joint sealing services.

Protect your property’s durability with EverLine Coatings’ hassle-free concrete pothole repair services keeping your concrete parking lot safe.

Protect your concrete with concrete sealing services for your parking lot defending against water, chemical, and UV damage and enhancing concrete longevity.

Our customized signs ensure a safe, easy-to-navigate parking lot.

Warehouse & distribution center floor markings help workers use your facility safely and efficiently.

Fast, efficient sweeping for all types of messes, even at a short notice.

Making brick, metal, or concrete surfaces look new again.

Make your property stand out from the competition with custom stenciling.

EverLine Makes It Simple To Keep Your Property Performing

Before After Before Everline Coatings Transformed this parking lot with line painting servicesAn after image of Everline Coatings line painting services

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EverLine Coatings can help transform your paved surfaces! Request a free quote and get a your customized digital proposal. All of our proposals come with a personal video walking you through all the details of your scope of work. This means you will know what to expect before your project begins!

We provide parking lot maintenance across a wide range of paved surfaces like these:

EverLine offers comprehensive pavement maintenance services tailored to meet your parking lot maintenance needs and increase the lifespan of your parking lot. From bright and durable line striping to custom parking space design and asphalt repair and seal coating, we’ve got you covered. Save time and money and extend the life of your pavement with our Preventative Pavement Maintenance Program. 

Asphalt & Concrete Surfaces

  • Parking lots & garages
  • Sidewalks & walkways
  • Bike paths
  • Outdoor sports courts
  • Playgrounds

Indoor Flooring Solutions

  • Warehouse Line Painting
  • Basketball courts
  • Distribution Centers
  • Slip-Resistant Floors
  • Custom Brand Stencils

More About Your San Jose EverLine Coatings

Welcome to EverLine Coatings and Services, a hub of pavement perfection nestled in the heart of San Jose, guided by the dynamic duo, Narinder and Kuldip. As a dedicated husband and wife team, they proudly co-own EverLine – San Jose, infusing each project with a personal touch fueled by their passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to the community.

At EverLine, it’s more than just services—it’s about tailored solutions. From asphalt repair and seal coating to the intricate details of epoxy flooring, line striping, and even custom logo creation, every task is meticulously crafted to not just meet but exceed expectations. Setting ourselves apart, we prioritize eco-friendly practices, ensuring our processes honor the environment while delivering exceptional results that endure.

Drawing from Kuldip’s impressive journey in tech leadership, from VP/SVP/EVP roles in high-tech firms, EverLine thrives on a foundation of innovation and customer-centricity. His visionary leadership drives our mission to offer cutting-edge yet reliable services. Meanwhile, Narinder’s rich background in education illuminates our approach, fostering growth and enriching the local fabric with every service. Her nurturing spirit permeates EverLine, ensuring clients receive not just a service but an enlightening experience.

For over 25 years, the Bay Area has been more than a mere location for Narinder and Kuldip—it’s been a wellspring of inspiration. Their deep love for this vibrant community is palpable in every brushstroke and project completion. Whether exploring scenic trails, savoring diverse cuisines, or immersing themselves in the area’s eclectic offerings, they embody the true spirit of Silicon Valley. Join us at EverLine, where every line painted and surface treated reflects our profound affection for this place we proudly call home, and the wonderful people we have the honor to serve.

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Narinder & Kuldip Pabla – Co-Owners

Interested in a Career With EverLine Coatings and Services?

Here at EverLine Coatings we are driven to produce the best results for our customers. Our people share the same core values of our DRIVEN Principles – being Dedicated, Resourceful, Integrity-Focused, Value-based and Nourishing.

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We’ll complete the work. After your project is done, you’ll receive a detailed report with before and after photos.

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Narinder & Kuldip Pabla – Co-Owners 

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