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Our company is built around our people. In our fast-growing company, EverLine is proud to provide opportunities for those who seek growth and development. We are looking for people that are eager to help build this great company with us, not for us. Our people share the core values of our DRIVEN Principles – being Dedicated, Resourceful, Integrity-Focused, Value-based and Nourishing. Every single employee of EverLine, known as “EverLiners” is doing their part in revolutionizing an industry. And that’s very exciting!

We offer positions that allow you to utilize EverLine as a vehicle for personal and professional growth. Take a look at the videos and content below to learn more!

Pavement Maintenance Professional Jobs

Pavement Maintenance Technician

This is where the magic happens. Our PMT’s utilize our equipment to provide professional services to our valued clients. We provide full training, support and opportunities for advancement for you to hit your goals with us.


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Team Lead

Have experience managing people? We’re looking for you! We seek top leaders that understand that motivating staff is just as important as keeping them accountable.



Are you mechanically inclined? Do you enjoy maintaining/repairing equipment? Apply to this very important position to help support our team keeping our machines and vehicles safe and efficient on a daily basis.


Sales Manager​

EverLine provides a lot of value to our clients, and we are looking for experienced sales-focused individuals who are looking to help spread the word about EverLine’s advantages. We have a lot of tools to provide our clients great value – and we have to share that with them!

Operations Manager

This role is the heartbeat of every EverLine location. From managing constantly shifting priorities, to people, to equipment and clients, the EverLine Ops Manager ensures that our whole team is aligned to deliver on our promises to our clients.

Administrative Assistant

There’s a lot of paperwork and administration involved with an EverLine location. A lot happens every single day! Are you organized? A great communicator? Detail-oriented? All three? Please reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

EverLine Team

9 Questions With Our EverLine Team

Working Here

You can expect a friendly, fast-paced work environment where no two days are exactly the same. We promise you will never be bored! If you’re ambitious, there is no doubt that you will experience growth as we are growing quickly in each of our locations. We explore your strengths, listen to what you want to improve and then we go through the process of building up your skill sets via experiential learning. You’ll see that those who follow our systems, demonstrate leadership, are eager to build the EverLine name, and align with our DRIVEN Principles, have a tremendous opportunity for growth – whether you are experienced in the service trades or not.

People like you have successfully joined our team starting at the Pavement Maintenance Professional level and rise up to the status of General Manager in a very short period of time. If you’re eager to make your mark, consider EverLine to be one of them. We provide the opportunity and you provide the passion and grit – a winning combination for all.

Training And Perks

  • Thorough training for all services provided: Line Painting / Sealcoating / Crackfilling / Asphalt Repair / Epoxy Flooring and MORE!
  • Clear opportunity to raise your hourly rate by following through with our certification programs. Ask about this in your interview!
  • We are Seasonal – We work hard in the spring/summer/fall and take it easy through the winter – the perfect opportunity to take some time off or catch up on a hobby. Our managers tend to work through the year as we prepare for the upcoming busy season.
  • Daytime and overnight positions available – for those early risers and night owls.
  • You get to be a part of one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies in this industry – there is a TON of opportunity in that alone!
  • You get to join a team that is truly focused on being a great work-culture center. We are eager to provide a positive and fun atmosphere for our staff, making work an enjoyable place to be.