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Parking Blocks & Speed Bumps

Ensure your parking lot appeals to patrons and remains safe to navigate with attractive, well-crafted parking blocks and speed bumps as part of your EverLine pavement repair and maintenance services.

Ensure Safe Parking for Drivers and Pedestrians

An unfinished parking area is a safety risk that exposes your business to liabilities. Without proper navigational controls like parking blocks and speed bumps, a simple driving error can cause damage to property and injuries to people.

Reduce costly risks to sidewalks, buildings, pedestrians and drivers—and create safe parking navigation with parking blocks and speed bumps installed by the detail-focused pros at EverLine Coatings and Services.

Commercial Parking Accessories for Any Size Lot

Whether you’re installing a new parking area or updating your existing lot, clearly visible and properly placed parking blocks and speed bumps ensure your property is safe for pedestrians and drivers.

Parking blocks in a parking lot
Parking Blocks

Even the best drivers can make mistakes when parking. Some errors can cause annoying minor issues—like a vehicle taking up two spaces. But other issues can be more serious, such as hitting someone else’s bumper, damaging a tire by striking the sidewalk, or even running into a storefront.

Eliminate these issues with brightly marked, properly installed parking blocks at the head of each parking space.

Car crossing a speed bump in a parking lot
Speed Bumps

Parking lot safety for all depends on drivers obeying appropriate speed limits, but between distractions and driver errors, it can be all too easy to drive too fast in a parking area.

Brightly colored, appropriately placed speed bumps allow you to ensure drivers navigate your parking lot carefully—protecting pedestrians and other drivers.

Appealing, Safe Parking Lot Accessories by EverLine

Ensuring your parking area is safe and easy to navigate is a breeze when you call on EverLine Coatings and Services to care for your parking lot. Enjoy carefully installed parking blocks and speed bumps that are:

  • Durable — High-performing, long-lasting materials give you top return on investment
  • Attractive — Designed and brightly painted to be easily seen and visibly appealing
  • Protective — Positioned strategically to prevent cars from rolling too far forward and causing damage or injuries

Rethink pavement maintenance and pedestrian safety—with EverLine!