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Preferred Sports Courts Line Painting & Resurfacing in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay

Is your Milwaukee, Madison, or Green Bay, WI sports court faded and chipped? Upgrade it with sports court line painting and resurfacing services by EverLine.

Revive an Old Sports Court or Create a New Court with EverLine Coatings

Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay are all fantastic places to own a business, especially if that business involves a sports court. The vibrant locals tend to be huge sports fans, inspired by professional teams from the Green Bay Packers to the Milwaukee Brewers. However, it’s important that your sports court looks great and contributes to an excellent playing experience, whether your court is used for pickleball, tennis, squash, or basketball. With EverLine’s sports court painting and resurfacing services, you can ensure your court is in top condition despite foot traffic, repeated impacts, and extreme weather.

Our Sports Court Line Painting and Resurfacing Services

There are many ways that your sports court can degrade, from fading in the sun to cracking or chipping due to the repeated impact of feet. This can drive potential players away from your court, as faded lines make it harder to understand the game’s rules, and chips make them worry about injuries. Our comprehensive sports court maintenance services will restore your court to its former glory, impressing your customers and promising them a great experience.

We begin our thorough process by fixing and filling in any cracked or chipped areas, restoring the whole court to smoothness. We apply a layer of acrylic coating, which protects your court from future damage, before carefully applying 1-2 layers of your chosen color. We’ll then paint the lines for your game, ensuring they’re crisp and clear for easy playing. If you have an outdoor court, you may want to add a layer of UV protective coating, which will discourage your court from fading in the summer sun. Your court will be ready in 4-5 days, so disruption to your business is minimal.

Sports courts refinished by EverLine

Why Choose EverLine For Sports Court Painting and Resurfacing

EverLine has a deep understanding of different products and techniques, and we build out detailed specifications for every project to ensure the best results. We can create a huge range of courts for different games, from hockey and basketball to pickleball and badminton, and we also offer an array of colors to brighten up your space and boost your business branding.

Every member of our team has taken a thorough study and training course so they’re completely ready for projects like yours, and we’ll use the best techniques to ensure your court lasts as long as possible. We prioritize communication throughout the process, so you never have to wonder what’s going on. Every EverLine project ends with a full evaluation to ensure you’re happy with your new sports court, and we’ll present you with a report including before and after photos.

Everline Basketball court refinishing
Everline Tennis Court Refinishing

Boost Your Business Reputation With EverLine

At EverLine, we understand that being responsible for a sports court can be stressful, whether your business is a school, recreation center, gym, or park. By working with us, you can ensure that the process goes smoothly from beginning to end and that everything is carefully coordinated so you don’t have to worry. To find out more about our sports court line painting and resurfacing services, and to get a quote, contact us today.

Indoor basketball court painted by EverLine

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