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The Advantages of Quality Sealcoating in Enhancing Northern IL Parking Lot Durability

As a property owner or business manager in Northern Illinois, you already know how challenging it is to maintain a safe, attractive and valuable property. Bringing in more customers tops your list, but you want to reduce liability as much as possible and still get a solid return on any investment you make. Sealcoating your parking lot will help you achieve these goals.

The Benefits of Sealcoating Your Parking Lot in Northern IL

Northern Illinois experiences extreme weather conditions, from scorching summers to freezing winters. These fluctuations can cause asphalt to crack and deteriorate. Sealcoating acts as a protective barrier, preventing moisture from seeping into the asphalt. This reduces the risk of damage caused by the ongoing freezing and thawing cycles that occur throughout the colder months as the asphalt contracts and expands. Your parking lot will see fewer cracks and potholes as a result.

By protecting the asphalt from this type of damage, you reduce the need for expensive repairs and resurfacing. Sealcoating also fills minor cracks and imperfections, preventing them from developing into larger, more costly issues, such as cracks and potholes that can be hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles. Sealcoating smooths out the surface, reducing the risk of trips and falls. It also helps keep the asphalt in good condition, ensuring a safer environment for everyone using the lot.

A freshly sealcoated parking lot looks new and well-maintained. The dark, smooth surface of a lot with a fresh seal makes painted lines and markings more visible, improving navigation and safety day or night. This makes a positive impression on customers and visitors, and when customers have a good experience, they often tell their friends or write positive reviews.

Additional Protection Benefits

Aside from the damage caused by fluctuating temperatures, exposure to UV rays leads to oxidation in your asphalt. This results in brittleness and cracking. When the intensity of the sun bears down on your lot during the summer, sealcoating provides a protective layer that shields the asphalt from those harmful rays. The surface is kept flexible and strong.

Sealcoated surfaces are also easier to clean and maintain. The smooth, non-porous surface prevents dirt, oil and debris from penetrating the asphalt. Instead of resurfacing, you can simply schedule regular sweeping and occasional power washing to keep the lot looking clean and well-kept.

The Smart Choice for Property Longevity

Investing in high-quality sealcoating maintains the durability and appearance of your parking lot in Northern Illinois, as it:

  • Protects against weather damage
  • Enhances aesthetics
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases safety

You have more than enough on your plate. Sealcoating will save you time and money as you check another item off your seemingly neverending to-do list. While you can certainly take what you’ve read at face value, it’s far better to speak to a live person who’s able to listen to your unique needs for the property you own.

Contact EverLine Coatings to learn more about our professional asphalt sealcoating services and discover why we’re the best choice for your sealcoating needs.

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