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Bollard Installation Helps Keep Milwaukee Laundromat Running 24/7

Discover how EverLine Coatings protected a glass storefront with the installation of bollards and transformed a worn parking lot for efficiency with line striping.

Glass Exteriors Look Great… Until They Crack

Beautiful exteriors can make your Milwaukee-area business really stand out. One laundromat with a predominantly glass exterior is the perfect example. However, that glass also means the business is particularly susceptible to damage, such as if a car fails to stop soon enough and hits the glass. 

Likewise, as parking lot lines fade with time, it becomes harder to discern where to stop or where to drive. That can spell big trouble for a building with a glass storefront. Any damage that shatters the glass can lead to costly repairs, as well as even costlier downtime while they’re performed.

When the laundromat manager contacted us, they were impressed by how responsive we were, as well as our ability to address their needs and get the job done quickly. Our reputation for excellent customer service also preceded us. 

Bollard Installation for Milwaukee laundromat

The Transformative Power of Parking Lot Line Striping and Bollard Covers

One of the biggest concerns this laundromat had was the risk of cars to the glass storefront. The simplest solution was to install bollards surrounding the building to reduce the risk of a vehicle or its doors hitting the building. We installed 19 6″ steel pipe bollards, using a core drill to make the holes in the pavement. Installing the bollards in concrete helped fortify them. 

While 18 of the bollards got vibrant yellow covers, one bollard instead was covered with blue, and a sign was installed to mark it as an ADA-accessible spot.

Additionally, we addressed the worn parking lot with a new coat of fresh paint. We restriped the existing stalls while also adjusting the layout to add more parking spaces. 

Safety and Visual Appeal Restored in Milwaukee

When we finished, the laundromat was left with a safe, efficient parking lot with more room for vehicles than before and without worries of damage to its beautiful glass front. The customer was pleased, also noting how visually appealing the results were. 

If your Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay & Northern IL parking lots needs a bit of a facelift or a complete renovation, we’re your go-to team. Contact us today for a free quote!

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