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Enhancing Safety at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital with Asphalt Repair

EverLine Coatings fixed potholes and repainted safe crosswalks, resulting in improved safety and enhanced aesthetics for a hospital parking lot.

We were proud to work with Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital to tackle the issues in their employee parking lot — potholes and faded crosswalks that posed a safety risk. We knew immediate action was needed to ensure the well-being of their staff.

When searching for a solution to their safety concerns, the client chose EverLine Coatings – Hampton Roads for our professionalism, clear communication, and expertise.

EverLine Hampton Roads updates Sentara General Hospital parking lot with line striping, asphalt pothole repair, and crackfilling

Resolving Potholes and Faded Crosswalks

We were determined to provide them with exceptional service and a long-lasting solution, so we provided:

  • Asphalt Crack Filling: We meticulously repaired the cracks that had been compromising the integrity of the parking lot surface.
  • Asphalt Infrared Pothole Repairs: Our team skillfully identified and repaired the potholes, eliminating any potential trip hazards for employees.
  • Line Painting: We revitalized the fading crosswalks with our TBL Durables coating, ensuring durability, reflectiveness, and increased traction to enhance safety — even during inclement weather conditions.

Client Happy with Safer Parking Lot

The project yielded remarkable results, leaving the client fully satisfied with the outcome. In fact, when their night shift employees first saw the newly painted crosswalks, they immediately praised the improved aesthetics and enhanced safety features.

Contact us today to discover how we can transform your property and elevate safety standards with our comprehensive range of parking lot repair services. Trust us to deliver top-notch results that enable your business to thrive.

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