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Enhancing Parking Lot Accessibility and Efficiency for a Portsmouth, VA Business

See how we transformed the parking experience for a Portsmouth business with parking lot sweeping and line painting for enhanced accessibility.

When searching for a reliable partner to address their parking lot needs, DMI-Linx Industries turned to EverLine through a simple Google search. They recognized the need for a trusted and experienced company that could handle their unique requirements in Portsmouth, VA.

DMI-Linx Industries had several pressing issues with their parking lot that needed to be resolved. The existing parking lines were in dire need of repainting to improve visibility and organization. Additionally, the accessible stalls needed to be relocated from one side of the lot to the other to enhance convenience. Lastly, the back section of the lot required thorough sweeping and the addition of more parking stalls to accommodate their growing workforce.

Thorough Parking Lot Sweeping and Long Lasting Painting

To address the challenges faced by our client, EverLine Coatings provided a range of services tailored to their specific needs:

  1. Heavy Sweeping and Expanded Parking: We began by thoroughly sweeping the back section of their production parking lot, ensuring a clean and debris-free environment. This preparation set the stage for expanding the parking area to accommodate their growing employee base.


  2. Relocation of Accessible Stalls: With a focus on improving accessibility, we expertly relocated the parking stalls from one side of the lot to the other. This strategic adjustment ensures compliance with accessibility standards while maximizing convenience for those who rely on these spaces.


  3. Repainting Parking Stalls: EverLine’s skilled professionals meticulously repainted all parking stalls to enhance clarity and organization. By utilizing our high-quality coatings, we ensured long-lasting durability and vibrant markings that meet industry standards.

A Greater Parking Lot Capacity with EverLine Coatings

Upon completion of the project, DMI-Linx Industries expressed their utmost satisfaction with the results. They particularly appreciated our ability to expand their production lot’s parking capacity and were delighted with the newly relocated accessible stalls. We also provided flexibility by incorporating a couple of additional hatching spots to accommodate their specific needs.

This project highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional results. By understanding the unique challenges faced by each client, we provide tailored solutions that enhance accessibility, efficiency, and overall satisfaction. If you find yourself in a similar position, trust EverLine to meet your parking lot needs with our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service! Request a free quote from us today.

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