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Parking Lot Line Striping & Asphalt Repair in Montgomery County

Your Montgomery County parking lot doesn’t have to be left in disrepair. EverLine Coatings will transform it.

Partner with EverLine Coatings to Enhance Your Property Maintenance

Over time, parking lots wear out. The lines fade and cracks form. As a property manager in Montgomery County, you’re too busy to deal with little details like whether that crack has grown or when to add the net coat of paint to your parking lot. That’s where we come in. At EverLine Coatings – Northern Virginia and DC, we handle the parking lot maintenance so you can worry about other aspects of running your business.

Investing in Parking Lot Line Striping is Investing in Organization and Safety

TBL DurablesYour parking lot’s line striping does far more than just tell people where to park. It also tells people where to walk and drive. It marks out places for emergency responders. A well-organized parking lot all comes down to a good line striping job. We’ll help you create a brand new layout or reapply your old one if the lines have begun to fade.

Unfortunately, most traffic paints fade relatively quickly and sometimes need to be reapplied several times per year. That’s why we recommend TBL Durables, a coating that far outlasts traditional traffic paints.

Asphalt Crack Filling Helps Avoid Future Problems

Cracks in asphalt can spell trouble in the near future. As cracks occur, moisture penetrates within them. That moisture can damage underneath the asphalt and create instability. It can also freeze and expand, causing further damage and creating potholes.

We can repair your asphalt cracks quickly and efficiently. Our services involve us first cleaning out the crack with targeted air and heat treatments. We then add a new bonding material, leaving behind a watertight seal once it’s dried.

Asphalt Crack Filling Services by EverLine Coatings

Asphalt Pothole Repair Restores Your Montgomery County Parking Lot

If potholes have appeared in your Montgomery County parking lot, it’s time to repair them. The sooner you repair them, the more likely it is that you can reduce the chances of further damage. Potholes can spread and lead to costly replacements down the road.

To repair your pothole, we go in and create a smooth surface to adhere new asphalt to. This often involves burning away any moisture or debris. Then, we fill it up with new material and use an infrared heat treatment to fully bond the new asphalt with the old. The result is a perfectly smooth surface that looks brand new. 

Asphalt being repaired by an EverLine Coatings Crew

Our Pavement Maintenance Work

Before After Before Everline Coatings Transformed this parking lot with line painting servicesAn after image of Everline Coatings line painting services

Asphalt Sealcoating Protects Your Entire Lot

To protect your asphalt from the aforementioned problems, we strongly recommend the use of asphalt sealcoating. This ensures that your entire parking lot is safe from damage by covering it in a protective coating. Moisture is kept out. Chemicals can’t penetrate into the asphalt and weaken it. It’s a win-win, especially in areas that see heavy rain or salt use as the seasons change.

Pavement with sealcoating applied by EverLine Coatings

Trust EverLine Coatings For All Your Asphalt Needs

EverLine Coatings is Montgomery County’s premier asphalt repair company. We offer a range of services designed to keep your asphalt in tip-top shape year-round. Trust us to protect, maintain, or restore your asphalt. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today for a free quote

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