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The Importance of Parking Lot Line Striping for ADA Compliance in Salt Lake City

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations ensure your property is accessible to people of all abilities. One of the most essential aspects of ADA regulation is the application of accessible parking spaces. Use this guide to understand the line striping regulations for Salt Lake City parking lots to ensure you remain compliant and all visitors feel welcome.

ADA Parking Lot Line Striping in Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, there is one critical difference from ADA parking lot line striping regulations. Following the ADA regulations, the first ADA parking space must be van-accessible. However, in Salt Lake City, the measurements for accessible parking spaces are larger, measuring 16’ wide x 8’ tall with an 8’ unload area. 

Additional spaces must be a minimum of 13’ wide x 8’ tall with a 5’ unload area. Adjacent aisles can be shared between two accessible parking spaces and are designed to provide enough room to operate vehicle-mounted wheelchair lifts or use mobility devices such as wheelchairs or walkers, etc. All other regulations follow the International Building Code (IBC) and ADA requirements. 

National ADA Parking Lot Line Striping: Number of Accessible Spaces

The ADA bases the number of accessible spaces on the total number of spaces in your parking lot as follows:  

# of Parking Spaces Accessible Space Min. Accessible Van Space Min.
1 to 25 1 1
26 to 50 2 1
51 to 75 3 1
76 to 100 4 1
101 to 150 5 1
151 to 200 6 1
201 to 300 7 2
301 to 400 8 2
401 to 500 9 2
500 to 1000 2% of total parking 1 out of every 6 accessible spaces
1001 and over 20 plus 1 for each 100 1 out of every 6 accessible spaces

National ADA Parking Lot Line Striping: Design

When designing your ADA-compliant parking lot, remember you must designate access aisles with hatch marks to make it clear that vehicle parking and traffic are prohibited in the area. When paving your lot, the accessible spaces must be smooth and leveled to ensure the site is safe. For van-accessible spaces, access aisle vertical clearance is an important consideration. You’ll require at least 98” to accommodate wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles. As a result, keeping the area clear of overhanging branches or structures is essential.

National ADA Parking Lot Line Striping: Location

The location of your accessible car park is also regulated. Choosing spaces with the most direct route to your entries provides a more direct route for people with disabilities. Should you have several parking lots with separate entrances, each lot should have its designated parking in the closest spots to each entry. All routes leading to the entry must also be accessible, with smooth surfaces free of curbs, safe slopes no greater than 1:12 for entries with steps, and a path spanning at least 3’. Slip-resistant surfaces are required on slopes to provide safe traction for mobile devices.

Other ADA Parking Considerations

The logistics of your parking lot might present further considerations, including:

  • Accessible routes to payment center locations for parking fees
  • Elevator availability for multi-level parking lots
  • Location of parking lot design obstacles, such as landscaping urns, speed bumps, etc. that might present accessibility issues

National ADA Parking Lot Line Striping: Signage and Identification

To clearly identify accessible parking spaces, a sign with the international symbol of accessibility must be mounted 60” minimum from the bottom of the sign to the ground. To help make parking spaces easier to find, a symbol painted on the parking space surface itself makes it clear that the parking is designated for accessible parking only.

The Importance of Parking Lot Maintenance for ADA Compliance

ADA compliance calls for diligent parking lot maintenance ensuring your lot maintains clear markings and line striping, routes are clear of snow, ice and debris, and your lot is free of cracks and potholes.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Parking Lot Line Striping Company

A professional line striping company (like EverLine Coatings) understands ADA /Salt Lake City regulations and can help with the design, application, and maintenance of all ADA-compliant markings. They can identify the best locations for parking areas and measure the area to ensure it accommodates the required number of accessible parking spaces. 

Special durable, reflective paints, as well as slip-resistant coatings can also be applied to create a parking lot that is ADA-compliant and user-friendly for people of all abilities. Upkeep with a comprehensive parking lot maintenance program also ensures your parking lot is safe, with even surfaces, coatings for ongoing protection, and reapplication of line striping and slip-free surfaces before fading begins.

Learn more about EverLine Coatings’ Salt Lake City ADA-compliant parking lot line striping services in Salt Lake City!

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