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How Professional Line Striping Elevates Your Salt Lake City Business

Curb appeal is just as crucial for Salt Lake City commercial property owners as it is for homeowners. Your business’s appearance influences customer and public perception, making property aesthetics an essential branding element.

However, as a local business, your property’s appearance impacts the overall look of your street and, in turn, the general community. As a result, property upkeep also shows customers you are a proud community member, which is always good for business.

Let’s look at how professional line striping helps create a positive first impression and improves the brand image of your Salt Lake City business.

#1 Helps With General Aesthetics

Depending on your property’s location, your parking lot is often the first thing customers see when visiting or passing your business. Even if your parking lot is located behind your building, it is one of the first interactions visitors have with your brand. Crisp, clean parking lines might not seem like much. However, when you consider how faded, cracked, and barely visible parking lines and markings make a business appear, the appeal of crisp lines becomes more obvious.

#2 Makes Visitors Feel Welcome

Visitors don’t want to get lost in your parking lot. Parking lot line restriping ensures your parking lot is easy to navigate with clearly defined walkways, rights of way arrows, and designated parking spaces. Line striping makes all visitors feel safe, tells them where to go, and creates an enjoyable experience that makes them feel welcome.

#3 Reflects Positively on Your Brand

The more important your customers put in trust, the more critical it is to take every possible step to build confidence in your brand. For example, services like finance, legal, medical, etc., must maintain a highly professional image. Clients and patients are far less likely to trust a professional in an ill-maintained property that makes you appear unable to afford the upkeep of your property. If you can’t maintain your property, how can they trust you to manage their needs?

Every business benefits from a well-maintained property, from retailers to office towers and hair salons to parking garages. The simple act of parking lot line restriping can reflect positively on your brand and make a world of difference to customer and visitor perceptions.

#4 Helps Safety, Compliance, and Accessibility

As mentioned, parking lots are usually the first interaction customers and visitors have with your brand “in real life.” If your property fails to meet the needs of all levels of ability, you fail as a brand. You must comply with ADA regulations to ensure all visitors can access your building. This includes designated accessible parking close to your entry.

From a strictly legal standpoint, you also want to avoid lawsuits related to ADA non-compliance and hefty fines and penalties. High-quality traffic coatings like TBL Durables use glass beads in the application creating reflective, slip-resistant marks that make walking, driving, and parking safer in unpredictable Salt Lake City weather.

#5 Long-Term Cost Savings

Professional parking lot line striping ensures your parking lines are applied properly using highly durable traffic paint. As a result, you see long-term cost savings. High-quality restriping lasts longer than DIY application or hiring a less experienced company. However, experience and quality are key to long-term savings. For example, using industry-leading TBL Durables for parking restriping can save 20% to 30% over the life of your markings compared to typical traffic paint markings.

#6 Bragging Rights

Brand awareness is about showing customers who you are and sharing your business values. Although not all customers will visit your property or park in your parking lot, ADA compliance, eco-friendly property maintenance choices, and a commitment to the community are all qualities that today’s customers admire in a brand. As a result, property maintenance using eco-friendly methods gives you bragging rights you can feature on your website and social media. For example, if you use EverLine Salt Lake City parking lot line restriping services, our exclusive use of TBL Durables traffic coatings provides the following environmental benefits:

  • It produces fewer VOCs than other traffic-marking products
  • It is three times cleaner than water-based traffic paint
  • It is ten times cleaner than oil-based paint
  • It lasts two to four times longer than other traffic paints, reducing more frequent application using dangerous chemicals

That gives you something to talk about!

Enhance Your Property with Salt Lake City’s EverLine Coatings

Using a high-quality traffic marking like TBL Durables offers long-term cost savings over the life of your parking lot lines. You can enhance first impressions, create a safer parking lot, and improve compliance with ADA regulations while creating a more consumer-friendly brand.

EverLine Coatings has your Salt Lake City business covered to keep your parking lot and property looking its best. Request a free quote for our parking lot line striping and restriping services.

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