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Station Park Mall’s Speedy Parking Lot Repairs in Salt Lake City

Learn how EverLine Coatings carried out high-quality repairs and parking lot line striping without downtime at Station Park Mall in Salt Lake City.

Station Park Mall is one of Salt Lake City’s most high-profile shopping destinations. When the parking lot needed repairs and re-striping, it was important to find a way to do the work without interrupting the mall’s normal operations. The client chose EverLine Coatings for the job due to our professionalism. We came up with a comprehensive plan for striping the entire 50-acre property without disrupting traffic or business.

Station Park Mall Line Striping & Asphalt Repair services in Salt Lake City

Parking Lot Line Striping and Asphalt Repair

We repainted more than 3,500 parking stalls, curbs, ADA stalls, hatching, arrows and more at Station Park Mall. We also repaired potholes on the property, ensuring that the mall parking lots remain safe for people to use.

EverLine Coatings uses a method known as asphalt infrared pothole repair to eliminate potholes. This method involves softening old pavement with infrared heat so that it can be blended with new material.

As it was so important to avoid disruption to the normal operations of the mall, our team primarily worked between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. By working overnight, we could ensure that the parking lot was always ready to use the next day.

Successful Parking Lot Repairs at Station Park Mall

The Station Park Mall facility manager was very pleased with the final result of our work on their parking lot. They also praised our professionalism. When they needed restriping again this year, we were the first group they contacted.

If you’re in need of parking lot line striping or asphalt infrared pothole repair in Salt Lake City, please contact EverLine Coatings today. We’re ready to provide a free quote for your parking lot repair project.

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