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TBL Durables in Fort Bend/Katy/Cypress

Enhance traffic safety in Fort Bend, Katy and Cypress with EverLine Coatings and TBL Durables. Learn about our durable traffic coatings.

Experience Stunning & Lasting Results with Your Traffic Markings

TBL DurablesAs a property or facility manager in Fort Bend, Katy or Cypress, you understand the importance of maintaining safe and efficient traffic flow on your premises. However, traditional traffic paint often fades quickly and requires frequent maintenance, leading to increased costs and disruptions. Enter TBL Durables traffic coatings, which are used by EverLine Coatings to create durable line markings.

Why the Fort Bend/Katy/Cypress Area Needs Quality Line Markings

In the various industries of Fort Bend, Katy and Cypress, durable and clear line markings play a crucial role in ensuring safety, efficiency and effective operations.

In Texas’s oil and gas industry, where heavy equipment, trucks and vehicles navigate vast oil fields, refineries and distribution centers, durable road markings are essential.

Clear, easy-to-see markings provide our airline industry clear guidance and delineation, ensuring the safe movement of passengers, personnel, and equipment in a high-traffic environment.

With ongoing construction projects and infrastructure expansion in the area of Fort Bend, Katy and Cypress, construction companies heavily rely on durable road markings. These markings help establish temporary traffic control measures, designate construction zones, detours and lane closures, ensuring the safety of workers, pedestrians and motorists navigating through active construction areas.

The thriving retail and commercial sectors in Fort Bend, Katy, and Cypress also demand efficient traffic management solutions. In addition, durable road markings play a critical role in clearly marking school zones, parking lots and emergency access routes, minimizing traffic congestion and enhancing overall safety on school campuses and healthcare facilities.

Sugar Land Airport Line Striping & Custom Stencils with TBL Durables
Sugar Land Airport Line Striping & Custom Stencils with TBL Durables

Ordinary Traffic Paint vs TBL Durables

With TBL Durables, you can expect improved visibility, even in low-light conditions or adverse weather. Additionally, these markings resist fading, cracking and chipping for up to three years, ensuring long-lasting performance that meets industry standards and regulations for traffic safety.

 Oil BasedWater BasedTBL DURABLES©
Life Expectancy1 YearLess than a year3 Years
CostBenchmark CostMore than BenchmarkLess than Benchmark
VOC Rating – g/L48015050
Dry Time5-8 Minutes60-120 Minutes5-8 Minutes
Temperature Requirement37F50F14F
Risk of Paint SpreadingLowHighLow

Advantages of Choosing TBL Durables

EverLine Coatings offers TBL Durables as a superior alternative to ordinary traffic paint. Our durable road markings provide enhanced longevity and durability, reducing the need for frequent repainting.

Why Choose EverLine Coatings?

Don’t settle for subpar traffic markings that require constant maintenance and upkeep. Trust EverLine Coatings to provide durable and reliable TBL Durables for your property in Fort Bend, Katy, or Cypress.

EverLine Coatings simplifies the coordination of your project, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Our team’s technical expertise ensures that your traffic markings meet the highest standards for safety and durability. We prioritize aesthetic excellence, ensuring that your property’s traffic markings are clean, clear, and visually appealing.

High Quality Line Marking Services in Fort Bend/Katy/Cypress

TBL Durables is the best choice if you want your line markings to last as long as possible. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the difference for yourself.

Sugar Land Airport Line Striping & Custom Stencils with TBL Durables

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