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Slip-Resistant Floor Coating in Houston & Fort Bend/Katy/Cypress

EverLine Coatings offers Slip-resistant floor coatings that help keep employees and visitors safe in the Houston areas of Fort Bend, Katy, and Cypress, TX.

Enhance Safety for Your Fort Bend, Katy, & Cypress Property

From commercial kitchens in Cypress to retail stores in Fort Bend and warehouses in Katy, TX, slip-resistant floor coatings have many useful applications. They help to keep employees safe when they are working in busy environments, particularly in roles that involve a lot of dashing around. EverLine Coatings provides slip-resistant floor coatings to businesses throughout the Houston area to improve safety for everyone.

Non-Slip Floor Coatings applied by EverLine Coatings

Benefits of Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings

Slip-resistant floor coatings are invaluable in environments where liquids are likely to be spilled on the floor, such as commercial kitchens and food service areas, as well as gyms and fitness centers. They’re also important in hospitals and other healthcare facilities that serve elderly people or people who are less steady on their feet. In high-traffic areas, such as corridors in schools, slip-resistant coatings help large groups of people to safely move through a space.

Slip-resistant coatings assist in preventing falls and injuries. It also reduces liability for the property owner, as they have taken steps to reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

Non-slip coatings not only look great but can help to create a polished and professional appearance on your property!

Interior Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings
Indoor Coating

You can use slip-resistant coatings indoors on both floor and work surfaces. Creating non-slip work surfaces allows everyone to carry out their assigned tasks with greater ease and safety.

Outdoor Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings
Outdoor Coating

Slip-resistant coatings can also be used outdoors. They’re useful for coating sidewalks, bike paths, crosswalks, roadways and stairs to make them safer to use. Non-slip coatings can help these surfaces become safe and easy to navigate, even in rainy weather.

Other Specialized Services From EverLine Coatings

EverLine Coatings also offers commercial epoxy floor coatings in Cypress, Katy and Fort Bend. These coatings protect the floor from wear and tear and provide an attractive surface to enhance the overall appearance of the property.

We also carry out interior line painting to further customize your space. You can add safety floor markings to your warehouse or distribution center to guide employees through their various tasks, keeping them away from potentially dangerous equipment.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Invest in a non-slip, easy-to-clean hard plastic coating to protect your building’s concrete, wood, or tile flooring.

Interior Line Painting

Communicate critical safety messages and directional instructions in your warehouse, retail store, or industrial building with bright, durable interior line painting.

Non-Slip Floor coating and line painting on a warehouse floor by EverLine Coatings

Why Choose EverLine Coatings for Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings

Not many contractors have a deep knowledge of the technical specifications of their traffic paints and coatings. However, our team is highly experienced and has laid out detailed specs and scopes of work for various projects. With this expertise, we can always choose the right coating for the job and apply it properly to ensure excellent results.

We do a comprehensive evaluation of every project to ensure your satisfaction. You can look forward to before and after photos to show the evidence of change!

Get Ready for Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings

There are a wide variety of properties in Fort Bend, Katy, and Cypress that can benefit from slip-resistant floor coatings. To find out more, or get a free quote, please contact EverLine Coatings today!

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