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Enhancing Katy ISD Paetow High School's Parking Experience with Custom Stenciling & Line Striping

Discover how EverLine Coatings helped Katy ISD Paetow High School tackle the challenge of quickly adding numbers and boxes to their parking lot.

Katy ISD Paetow High School needed a quick solution to add space numbers and boxes to their parking lot before the start of the new academic year. Time was of the essence, and they required a reliable partner who could meet their tight deadlines.

Everline Coatings Arial Parking Lot Line Striping

Detail-Oriented Proposal and Prompt Response from EverLine Coatings

After reviewing our proposal, the client was impressed with the level of detail we provided. Our commitment to understanding their specific needs and delivering a comprehensive plan stood out. Also, our quick response showcased our dedication to addressing our client’s urgent requirements.

Unique Parking Lot Line Striping and Custom Stenciling

To solve the high school’s challenges, EverLine Coatings provided parking lot line striping and custom stenciling services. We ensured that the numbers for each parking space were painted in the school’s signature powder blue color, giving the lot a cohesive and professional look. In total, we added 708 numbers and 100 Senior Students Freestyle Marking Boxes, providing a customized solution that catered to the unique needs of the school.

This particular project holds significance as it marked the first year that Katy ISD Paetow High School introduced numbered parking spaces for both faculty and students. The inclusion of freestyle boxes exclusively for their Senior Students added an element of individuality and pride to their parking experience.

Elevating Parking Spaces, Enhancing the School Experience

Upon completion of the project, the client expressed their gratitude for our hard work and adherence to the agreed-upon timeline. Their feedback highlights our unwavering commitment to excellence and punctuality.

“I went by this afternoon. Looks great! Thank you for your hard work and for getting it done on time.” – Client

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