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Preferred Sports Courts Line Painting & Resurfacing in West Houston

Transform your sports courts in West Houston and trust EverLine to keep them pristine with expert line painting and resurfacing services.

Attract Locals and Visitors with Sports Court Resurfacing

With flourishing outdoor activities all year long, the upkeep of basketball and tennis courts plays a vital role in enhancing community vibrancy. As a property or facility manager, you recognize the significance of maintaining these areas for their visual appeal, along with their safety and functionality.

With the inevitable wear and tear resulting from continuous use and exposure to the elements, sports court line painting and resurfacing ranks high on priority needs. EverLine Coatings comes alongside all of your efforts and works as your reliable partner, guiding you each step of the way to ensure your sports courts remain in optimal condition for everyone’s enjoyment.

Make Your Sports Courts Unique with Precision Line Painting

Navigating the humidity and intense sunlight of West Houston makes maintaining sports courts a challenge. From surface cracks to fading lines, these courts can deteriorate rapidly. This poses safety risks or detracts from their appearance without proper upkeep.

With customizable court layouts and an extensive array of colors, EverLine specializes in tailored solutions designed to address the specific needs of each court. We restore the bold lines of a basketball court or rejuvenate the smooth surface of a tennis court, employing cutting-edge techniques and premium materials to ensure lasting endurance.

Sports courts refinished by EverLine

Our Process:

  1. Repair any surface cracks or chips.
  2. Apply a long-lasting acrylic coating.
  3. Add 1-2 layers of your chosen base color.
  4. Paint clear, precise court lines.
  5. Place a top coat of clear UV protection.


Upon completing each project, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation and provide before-and-after photos, ensuring confidence that the work was executed precisely as specified. Courts are typically ready for use within 4-5 days.

Everline Basketball court refinishing
Everline Tennis Court Refinishing

EverLine Has What You Need for Sports Court Resurfacing

Through the application of top-tier coatings and sealants, we revitalize sports courts and shield them against future deterioration. Our treatments extend their lifespan and reduce upkeep expenses.

By teaming up with us for sports court upkeep, you’re fostering the health and happiness of both locals and visitors, enriching the area’s identity as a vibrant outdoor recreation destination.

Give Your Sports Courts the Refresh They Deserve

Take your sports facilities to the next level with EverLine’s top-notch line painting and resurfacing services in West Houston. When your dynamic community center or recreational area needs a refresh, our skilled team guarantees exceptional outcomes that surpass your desires. Reach out now to arrange a meeting and obtain a complimentary estimate. Let’s collaborate to uphold West Houston’s status as a prime spot for sports aficionados across all generations. 

Indoor basketball court painted by EverLine

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