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Why DIY Austin Parking Lot Line Striping Is Never a Good Idea

You might think you can save money by DIYing your Austin parking lot line striping project. However, poor application and a lack of proper paint and equipment will cost you more money in the long run. Without proper application, you’ll need to restripe your parking lot sooner than you think. Here we look at the importance of parking lot line striping and why DIYing is never a good idea.  

DIY Parking Lot Line Striping Takes Time

Running a business isn’t easy. It can pull you in several directions, putting demands on the limited time you have available. That makes squeezing in a parking lot line striping project nearly impossible.

Consider the work involved:

  • You have to prep the pavement to ensure the surface is clean so the paint will adhere.
  • You need to fill cracks to smooth out the service.
  • You also need to find time to rent the equipment and buy the paint.
  • You then have to cordon off your parking lot.
  • Finally, you can then apply the striping.


Meanwhile, your employees are running the show, and your customers wonder why you haven’t returned their calls. Perhaps more importantly, doing the job alone will keep your parking lot out of commission longer, which means customers will take their business elsewhere.

Hiring professionals:

  • Gets the job done faster
  • Allows you to focus on business operations
  • Limits disruptions to parking
  • Reduces the risk of lost business

Professional Parking Lot Line Striping Saves Money

If you did the math, you might think you’re saving money by DIYing your parking lot line striping. But did you consider all the costs? You might be surprised how much money you’re losing, including:

  • Paying retail for paint, equipment rentals, and repair materials
  • Lost customers from limited parking access while you complete the work
  • Early restriping due to poor application and materials
  • Your time

Professional parking lot line striping companies pay wholesale for materials they buy in bulk and pass these savings onto you. They own their equipment which reduces their overhead when completing large volumes of work, and those savings are also passed onto you. The proper equipment also speeds up the application process. Using the highest quality materials and paint provides longer-lasting results giving you more bang for your buck. A DIY job will likely lead to costly repairs for a poorly done job, and you’ll never recoup your DIY material and equipment costs.  

Professional Parking Lot Line Striping Includes Prevention

Restriping has to be applied every two to three years. Professionals take the time to identify issues that will interfere with adherence to the stripes. They correct the issues and avoid future problems, so you get two to three years’ worth of life out of your stripes. They also prevent damage by using suitable materials and considering essential factors, including location, traffic, and climate, that will impact durability.

Professional Parking Lot Line Striping is ADA Compliant

As a business owner, you must follow the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) guidelines for parking accessibility, including proper striping for accessible parking spaces. Your professional parking lot line striping company will inform you of compliance regulations and ensure you have the correct number of parking spaces, mark them clearly, and follow all ADA requirements. As a result, you offer fair and equal accessibility to all customers while avoiding costly fines.

Professional Parking Lot Line Striping Reduces Liability

Although parking lot stripes don’t seem to impact safety, there are many possible scenarios where accidents related to poorly marked parking lots can occur. As a result, you can be found liable for personal and vehicle injury if your parking lot line striping is unclear. For example, if your parking spaces are too tight, a customer might dent another customer’s door when getting out of their car. 

Another example is non-compliance with ADA guidelines, which can lead to a civil lawsuit. Your property might also make safe walkways unclear, increasing the risk of someone being hit by a vehicle. Improper prep before restriping can create uneven surfaces, increasing the risk of slips and falls. All these safety issues are resolved with professional, clearly marked parking lot line striping.

As you can see, your DIY plans are never the best solution. Instead, you should save money and hire a professional parking lot line striping company to get the job done right the first time.

EverLine Coatings’ Austin parking lot line striping services save you time and money. To learn more, request a quote today!

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