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The Benefits of Speed Bumps for Austin Parking Lots

Managing a commercial property with a parking lot comes with added responsibility. Visitors and employees alike love the convenience of onsite parking, yet the traffic traveling to and from your site poses a safety problem. Therefore, you need a cost-effective solution to help control the speed and flow of traffic on your property.

A simple solution to help maintain safe speeds is to install speed bumps on the roadways in your Austin commercial parking lot. Speed bumps help slow traffic to keep pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers safe. Here we explore the benefits of speed bumps to help you decide if they are the right solution for your property.

Speed Bumps Keep Pedestrians Safe

With speed bumps placed strategically throughout the roadways of your Austin commercial parking lot, you can reduce the risk of pedestrian injuries by as much as 60%. Statistics prove that drivers are forced to slow down on roads with speed bumps and increase their awareness as they focus on hitting the next bump. 

Although it might seem that collisions with pedestrians aren’t as likely in parking lots or on the roads throughout your property, they can happen at any time. In addition, pedestrians might not be as alert when walking in what feels like a safe, enclosed area and be less likely to watch for speeding traffic when entering and leaving your building.

Speed Bumps Regulate Traffic

Speed bumps create roadways with regulated traffic, forcing drivers to slow down to overtake the bumps. Although they are an unwelcome sight to drivers who know there’s no getting around them, the bumps ensure drivers keep their speeds down to avoid damaging their vehicles. As a result, you prevent collisions that lead to injury and property damage. 

Periods of heavy traffic flow as people arrive at work or make their way home are also managed more effectively, with all drivers forced to slow down. This is even more important for properties where children might be crossing. So, although traffic is slowed, it does not become congested.

Speed Bumps Reduce Speed

Although you might post speed limit signs on your roads, high-speeding vehicles are a hazard along any roadway. Speed bumps increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists, property maintenance workers, and anyone traveling across your property by forcing drivers to slow down. Drivers view parking lots as traffic rule-free zones, taking unnecessary risks, such as cutting across empty parking spaces, to create their own roadways. 

Although speed bumps can’t be used in these areas, they can be used on all formal roadways to help control speeds. If you manage a large property with heavy traffic flow, such as a mall or major office building complex, controlling traffic speeds at pedestrian crossings and intersections can save lives and reduce collisions. By installing speed bumps no more than 500 feet apart, you can force drivers to maintain speeds between 25–35 mph.

Speed Bumps are Cost-effective

If you’re concerned about budget, as most commercial property owners and managers are, speed bumps are a cost-effective solution to control traffic. As mentioned, they only need to be installed every 500 feet to achieve safe speeds of 25 to 35 mph. Depending on the size of your property, you can maintain a safe speed without a major investment. You can also consider only installing them at approaches to intersections and crosswalks to help reduce costs.

Speed Bumps Limit Unwanted Traffic

Local drivers often find “shortcuts” throughout the neighborhood to help avoid stop lights and signs. This can include commercial parking lots and roadways that get them from point A to point B using less controlled traffic areas. If this is causing issues on your commercial property, then speed bumps could be the answer. They deter drivers from using your roadways by slowing them down. As a result, your easy shortcut becomes more of a hassle than a convenience, reducing the unwanted traffic on your property.

Speed Bumps Reduce Liability

Speed bumps can also help reduce liability for accidents on your property. By slowing traffic in your parking lot, you keep your community safe.

Speed Bumps Improve Customer Satisfaction

Speed bumps create a safer environment to improve customer satisfaction and attract a higher quality tenant.

Austin’s EverLine Coatings and Services offer affordable, high-quality rubber speed bumps that can be customized to match your brand. We are here to discuss how we can keep your Austin property safe for pedestrians and drivers without interfering with the appearance of your commercial property. Find out more about our Parking Block and Speed Bump installation services today!

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