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How Interior Line Painting Impacts Warehouse Safety

No matter what type of warehouse you’re talking about, creating and implementing appropriate safety measures needs to be of paramount importance. Many warehouses use vehicles such as forklifts to pick orders for delivery, and with so much going on during a typical day, the potential for accidents and injuries is always present. One component of warehouse safety that is often overlooked is interior line painting. Similar to parking lots and other paved areas, interior line painting can have a significant impact on the safety of any warehouse. Here, we take a closer look at the safety implications of line painting in warehouses.

Different Ways Interior Line Painting Can Transform Your Warehouse

Quality line painting can make a difference in the safety of your warehouse in a variety of different ways. Here are some you may not have considered:

24-Hour Communication – Proper line markings help communicate the need for caution to staff, customers, and vendors that are moving in and out of the building. With clearly marked interior lines, you have 24-hour guidance that helps everyone avoid unnecessary risks. One stat from the National Safety Council states that an injured worker can cost a company an average of $38,000 in direct costs. It’s also important to note that warehouse accidents can also reduce the morale of workers and make them question your dedication to safety.

Avoiding foot traffic injuries – Even if forklifts and other equipment are prominent in your warehouse, you’re always going to have foot traffic moving in and out. With defined paths marked on the floors, it will be easy for everyone to see which spaces are safe to walk in and which are not. Clearly defined interior line painting helps reduce the likelihood of people wandering into hazardous areas without their knowledge.

Designating areas for hazardous materials – Well-defined floor markings can help keep any hazardous materials or chemicals in the proper areas so they don’t pose a threat to anyone inside the warehouse. Naturally, any hazardous waste materials must be disposed of following a specific protocol, and line markings will help in that regard.

Improving overall workflow efficiency – It stands to reason that the less time workers spend navigating the warehouse, the more efficient they can be. Proper interior line markings help your team members get more done in less time, improving efficiency without sacrificing anything in the way of safety. When you work with a proven team like EverLine Coatings, we will customize your floor markings according to your needs to make your warehouse workflow as efficient as possible.

PPE reminders – In most warehouses, personal protective equipment must be worn in certain areas, and you can use specific line markings to indicate where PPE is required. Even if it’s something as simple as putting on a hard hat beyond a certain point, you can minimize the likelihood of mishaps and prevent injuries.

Types of Warehouse Line Markings

There are many different types of floor line markings that you may want to use in your warehouse, depending on the nature of your business and what types of activities you’re engaged in. Some common examples of interior line markings we place in warehouses include:

  • Stripes to identify aisles
  • Forklift traffic markings
  • Employee walkways
  • OSHA floor markings
  • Safety hazard markings
  • Designated PPE areas

Why Line Paint Is the Best Way to Go

Some warehouse owners choose to use tape for internal markings, and while this could be an option for some, paint is usually the best way to go. With tape, you do have the flexibility to change your markings if you want to, but it’s not even remotely as durable as paint, and you may find that it requires more maintenance and upkeep. Painted line markings are a durable solution, and as long as you take enough time during the planning stages, you won’t have to move them once they are in place.

Keep Your Warehouse Safe with EverLine Coatings

If you have a warehouse in Nashville or Middle Tennessee and you want to take the safety component to a whole new level, our interior line painting service is exactly what you need. Get in touch with us today at EverLine Coatings to request a quote!

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