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Divine Direction: The Importance of Line Striping for Churches in Nashville

Your Nashville church should be a welcoming destination for your community. It begins with a safe, well-maintained property that is an approachable, friendly meeting place for your thriving congregation. Including parking lot maintenance for your property creates a better first impression to help grow your congregation while improving traffic flow. Parking lot line striping creates distinct parking spaces, pedestrian paths, accessible parking and parking zones for safe and optimal church parking. Here we look at the importance of line striping in your Nashville church’s upkeep.

Line Striping Shows Visitors Where to Go

When visitors arrive, line striping shows them where to go. It provides clearly defined roadways and ensures everyone understands their right of way. As a result, new congregants and visitors avoid causing embarrassing traffic flow issues by heading in the wrong direction. Pedestrian pathways are also clearly marked, leading visitors to your church entry and creating a warm welcome for worshippers.

Clear Line Striping Improves Parking Lot Safety

Parking line striping creates logical traffic flow, so churchgoers avoid causing traffic jams before and after gatherings. When people rush to get on with their day, they might be tempted to take shortcuts across parking lots if parking spaces and walkways aren’t clearly marked. This increases the risk of accidents, including collisions with churchgoers.

Parking Lot Line Striping Creates Accessible Parking Spaces

Everyone should be able to attend worship and church gatherings. Your church is responsible for complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including accessible parking spaces. Compliance with ADA parking requirements include:

  • Parking spaces located closest to your entry
  • An accessible route from your accessible parking spaces to an accessible entrance, i.e., ramps or lifts where there are stairs
  • An area free of curbs and stairs with a pathway at least 3 feet wide
  • Accessible parking space identification via a sign with the international symbol of accessibility and preferably the accessibility symbol painted on the parking space itself
  • A space that is a minimum of 96 inches wide and outlined by parking lot line striping
  • The boundary of the access aisle marked with yellow diagonal striping

You must also ensure you provide enough parking spaces based on your parking lot size. Accessible space requirements range from a single space for parking lots with up to 25 spaces to 2% of the entire spaces available for parking lots over 500. Your parking lot line striping service can ensure you remain ADA-compliant.

Distinct Parking Lot Line Striping Uses Property Space Wisely

Parking lot line striping ensures you safely maximize the number of parking spaces you provide. You can use space wisely, with a logical plan that ensures each parking space is large enough to accommodate all sized vehicles with enough room to open car doors. It also helps ensure drivers don’t park recklessly or in areas that block logical roadways.

Parking Lot Line Striping Makes Your Church Look Cared For

As community caretakers depend on donations to survive, a poorly maintained parking lot sends the wrong message. You want the community to know you are financially responsible and use donations to contribute to the caretaking of community members and the church property. Parking lot line striping creates an excellent first impression that shows you care for the property and want to create a welcoming gathering space for the community.

Parking Lot Line Striping Reduces Liability

A well-laid-out parking lot with clearly marked parking spaces, accessible parking spaces, and pedestrian walkways helps reduce liabilities related to accidents and ADA compliance lawsuits. Parking lot maintenance shows you are taking reasonable care to keep your property safe, reducing the risk of accidents, vehicle damage, and personal injuries.

Regular Parking Lot Line Striping Is Cost Effective

You have a fiduciary duty to reduce costs and spend donations wisely. With high-quality, regular parking lot line striping, you reduce the costs of lower-quality restriping that requires attention every 18 to 24 months. Instead, you can slow down noticeable fading with top-quality traffic paint lasting as long as three years. This can save as much as 20% to 30% over the life of your lines.

Your Nashville church can create a more welcoming place of worship by improving your property maintenance. Parking lot line striping is an essential step for your church property upkeep schedule.

EverLine Coatings offers durable Nashville church parking lot line striping that can reduce costs and increase paint performance. Request a free quote from us today!

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