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Speed Bumps – Why They are Important for Parking Lots

Everyone knows that speed bumps and speed humps exist in parking lots to slow down traffic and prevent accidents from occurring. Given that parking lots have a high concentration of pedestrian traffic, it’s important to slow down vehicles for pedestrian safety. In this month’s article, we will go over some of the cold, hard facts that prove how important speed bumps and traffic control devices are to the safety of your parking lot. If you think your parking lot doesn’t need speed bumps – guess again!

The speed bump installation experts at EverLine Coatings and Services are happy to answer any questions you have regarding speed bumps and parking lot safety for your property.

Speed Bumps are Important for Parking Lot Safety

Speed Bump Installation

Speed bumps are a crucial part of parking lot safety. Whether you have a large parking lot, a large property that vehicles drive on, or even just a small parking lot for your business, speed bumps are needed to prevent vehicles from going too fast and causing unnecessary parking lot accidents. Collisions with pedestrians can happen at any time. These collisions can affect your parking lot liability. We need to prevent collisions from occurring in any way that we can!

Parking Lot Accident Statistics

Given that parking lots have a significant amount of pedestrian foot traffic, they are a common place for vehicles to accidentally run into pedestrians. Studies show that 22% of accidents where pedestrians are hit by a motor vehicle occur within parking lots. Although other factors like distracted driving, accidental acceleration, and not looking behind a vehicle when backing up can cause collisions with pedestrians, there is strong supporting evidence to show that professional speed bump installation can reduce the total number of collisions.

Prevent Accidents to Avoid Parking Lot Liability Problems

Studies show that areas that have had speedbumps professionally installed saw a 39% reduction in total collisions. Think of your parking lot or property, what would the impact on your liability and the users of your parking lot be if you could decrease the number of collisions by 39%? Your parking lot or property would be much safer as a result.

Speed Bump Statistics on Parking Lot Collisions

In addition to reducing collisions on your property, studies show that the number of collision-related injuries decreased by 46% after speed bumps were professionally installed. Even in the event that a speedbump is unable to prevent a crash, the number of resulting injuries is significantly reduced as the vehicles involved are moving at a slower speed on the property.

Slower Traffic is Important for Parking Lot Safety

Speed Bump Slower Traffic

A study showed that pedestrians hit by a vehicle moving at 40 MPH have an 85% chance of serious injuries, whereas when they’re hit by a vehicle moving 20 MPH, they have a 5% chance of sustaining a serious injury. That is a massive reduction in serious injuries from simply slowing down traffic!

These Speed Bump Statistics Show their Importance for Parking Lot Safety

These statistics show the importance of having professionally installed speed bumps in your parking lot to prevent collisions and keep everything running smoothly. The numbers presented above are too high to risk not installing speed bumps on your parking lot or property!

No one likes hearing about someone being hit by a vehicle or feeling unsafe when using a parking lot. When strategically placed, speed bumps can significantly reduce the rate of speed vehicles travel at on your property and in turn, the number of collisions that occur in your parking lot or on your property.

EverLine Coatings and Services Professional Speed Bump Installation Services

Custom Speed Bumps

EverLine Coatings and Services is one of the leaders in the parking lot maintenance industry across the United States. We don’t just paint lines and apply concrete coatings; we also install portable rubber speed bumps to protect pedestrians, motorists, and your property by preventing speed-related collisions.

We strongly believe that the safety of the individuals on your property should be your top priority as a property owner or a manager. It’s also an important consideration to protect the property itself! Vehicles can collide with anything, at any time.

Your tenants, employees, and customers need to feel safe when using your parking lot or property. Speeding vehicles pose a threat to any of the patrons that could be using your parking lot or property at any given time.

Areas Where EverLine’s Speed Bump Installation Experts Can Improve Parking Lot Safety

EverLine’s professional speed bump installation crews can install portable rubber speed bumps on a variety of different surfaces to protect your property, it’s patrons, and prevent parking lot accidents from occurring.

Our parking lot speed bump installation crews can install rubber speed bumps in parking lots, parkades, parking garages, underground parking areas, outdoor parking lots, mall parking lots, truck yards, and even in small business parking lots. At EverLine, we are the parking lot maintenance experts in the U.S.A. We’re here to help with all of your parking lot, traffic control, and safety needs!

Even if you don’t know where speed bumps should be installed, you do not need to worry. Our experienced speed bump installation crews can determine where rubber speed bumps should be installed in order to strategically slow down traffic and prevent accidents. Our speed bump installation crews have years of experience making parking lots and properties safer for everyone that uses them.

Contact the Speed Bump Installation Experts at EverLine Coatings and Services Today

If you need speed bumps installed on your property, call the speed bump installation experts at EverLine Coatings and Services today. We have a selection of high-quality rubber speed bumps available to keep your property safe for pedestrians and motorists. We even have speed bumps that are available in a number of different colors so they can be customized to match your brand or property. Speed bumps don’t have to be dull and boring, when selected tastefully, they make your property look great! If you want more information about our speed bump installation services or if you would like to receive a quote, please contact EverLine Coatings and Services today.

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