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Winter Pavement Maintenance Tips for Savannah, GA

We all know that ice is rare in Savannah, but we also understand how critical it is to protect and prepare our pavements for those unexpected cold snaps. So why do so many folks still scramble when frosty times roll around?

Perhaps it’s because most don’t realize just how impactful sealcoating or prompt crack filling can be – like an invisible shield against Jack Frost’s icy touch. Or maybe people underestimate the safety benefits line striping offers on those darker-than-average winter days.

Understanding Savannah’s Winter Weather Impact on Pavement

Winter weather in Savannah, GA is unique. It isn’t the frigid snowscape that comes to mind when you think of winter months. However, it still poses significant challenges for asphalt surfaces.

The Role of Cold Temperatures and Snowfall

Savannah’s average low temperatures hover around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but they can dip below freezing occasionally. When this happens, any moisture trapped within the pavement expands as it freezes leading to cracks and potholes on your precious parking lot or roadways.

Rare as they may be, instances of snowfall further exacerbate these issues because snow melts into water which seeps into tiny crevices in your asphalt surface. This cycle known as freeze-thaw cycles often leads to extensive damage if not properly managed.

Freezing Temperatures and Pavement Damage

Cold weather makes asphalt more brittle; hence more susceptible to cracking under heavy traffic loads or even minor impacts like dropping a rock salt bag too hard during maintenance practices.

To add insult to injury, cold also slows down repair processes significantly making each winter asphalt maintenance task take longer than usual due its nature slowing down chemical reactions necessary for proper repairs.

Repeated temperature fluctuations between day and night during the colder months are especially damaging since they lead constant expansion contraction stress upon surrounding asphalt material.

Essential Winter Asphalt Maintenance Practices

Maintaining your commercial pavement in Savannah’s winter is a task that needs careful planning. But, with the right measures taken, you can guard it against dampness and cycles of freezing and thawing.

Prompt Crack Filling to Prevent Water Infiltration

No one likes cracks on their property but in winter they pose more than just an eyesore; they invite trouble. If left untreated these crevices allow snowmelt (or rainwater) into the subbase which then freezes causing further damage – it’s known as freeze-thaw cycle. Filing them promptly stops this vicious circle.

The Importance of Sealcoating

Sealcoating acts like a sunblock for your asphalt parking lot. It keeps harmful elements at bay and extends the lifespan of your pavement. EverLine Coatings, an asphalt maintenance company, provides professional sealcoating services to ensure optimal results.

A regular application schedule is vital since over time, UV rays, water infiltration, heavy vehicles or standing water can cause wear and tear on unsealed surfaces. 

Effective Line Striping For Safety And Aesthetics

Last but not least comes line striping. Not only does fresh paint make sure everyone knows where to park safely, it also helps avoid potential liabilities due to accidents. EverLine’s professional-grade equipment and paints are key for durability.

So, don’t let winter give you a surprise repair bill. With these essential maintenance practices in place, your asphalt will thank you by serving better and longer.

Make your Asphalt Winter-Ready Today

Schedule a consultation with our EverLine Coatings team today. We’re committed to helping Savannah businesses prepare their properties and pavements for winter – giving them one less thing to worry about during those chilly months.

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