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Walmart Parking Lot Painting – Edmonton

Previous Next Our Edmonton location has been doing an astounding job since opening their doors earlier this year! Their quality rivals that of even our most seasoned veterans when it comes to making parking lots look great again. If you’re looking for line painting in Edmonton or the surrounding area, make sure to reach out […]

Flying J and Owens Corning – Edmonton

Previous Next Lately there has been an increasing demand for custom parking lots with unique designs, logos, or colours – And we wanted to share one! This custom parking lot in Edmonton for Flying J turned out great. Although they are a bit different, the blue stalls turned out to be quite a hit! They […]

Pepsico Warehouse and Distribution Centres – Edmonton

Previous Next Efficiency is always top of mind in a Warehouse or Distribution Centre. Product staging areas increase this by ensuring product is placed where it needs to be, ensuring that it is shipped where it needs to go, when it needs to go. We had the amazing opportunity to work with Pepsico and Fritolay […]

Looking great in Edmonton with some pathway line painting

Did you know we do new layout applications of pathways? These long lines can be a bit tricky to get 100%, however EverLine’s proprietary methods and procedures for training our crews make a huge difference in quality, efficiency and a great looking project!

Non-Slip Floor Coatings Revolution – You gotta see this!

Previous Next Are you concerned with possible slip and fall areas due to ice/snow/rain? Slip and fall liability is becoming a huge concern not only for safety, but for insurance and liability cost purposes. We are working with specialty manufacturers to provide an application of non-slip coating that is extremely durable and stays non-slip through […]

Interior Walkway Project – Edmonton

Previous Next We are proud to show off this interior walkway project we completed for one of our clients in Edmonton. This project was completed with our very durable EverLast system that will have their walkways last long, are cleanable and slip resistant.

Warehouse Line Painting – Edmonton

Here’s a safety/trip line project that we completed at a warehouse in Edmonton! Did you know that trips and falls are responsible for over 40,000 injuries annually in Canadian workplaces. By painting safety and trip lines on your property, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of an employee or another user of your property falling […]