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Concrete Joint Sealing

Keep the expansion joints in your concrete sealed to mitigate premature deterioration caused by water intrusion with our joint sealing services.

Reliable Concrete Joint Sealing for Proactive Property Owners

Concrete joints, otherwise known as control or expansion joints, are small, intentional gaps placed between concrete slabs that allow each slab to expand and contract as the material cures and the weather fluctuates. Joints can be found on any pavement surface, from parking lots to warehouse floors, helping to control and mitigate cracks. 

However, just like with concrete surfaces, expansion joints must be properly maintained to prevent moisture penetration, which can damage the concrete slabs.

EverLine Coatings and Services offers concrete joint sealing to help property owners and homeowners protect their expansion joints and, in turn, pavement surfaces. With our CORE Quality System®, you’ll never be left guessing about the status of your project. We’ll keep you “in the know” from start to finish—guaranteeing you’ll be satisfied with the results!

What Is Concrete Joint Sealing, and Why Is It Important?

Concrete joint sealing prevents vulnerable expansion joints, often filled with absorbent materials like sand, wood, felt, or flexible foam, from absorbing moisture. Once moisture soaks into an open expansion joint, it seeps under the concrete and washes away the soil, leading to cracking and shifting in concrete surfaces. 

Expansion joints are most vulnerable when exposed to temperature fluctuations or moisture penetration. Concrete installed with too much space between slabs can cause the joints to crack (or even separate) when temperatures drastically fluctuate. Additionally, joints with trapped moisture inside can break when the water freezes and expands.

It’s wise to seal concrete joints annually to enjoy the following benefits:

Everline Coatings Worker inserting joint sealing compound into a concrete joint to keep the elements out of the joint and extend concrete lifespan

Benefits of Concrete Joint Sealing

Why Choose EverLine Coatings for Concrete Joint Sealing?

EverLine Coatings is your one-stop shop for pavement repair and maintenance. We can perform concrete joint sealing and all the other services you need, like concrete repair, concrete sealing, concrete crack sealing, pressure washing, oil stain removal, and line striping.   

When we’re completing your concrete joint sealing, we’ll watch for other potential issues—like cracks in your paved slabs—and come to you with a plan of action to fix them so you can enjoy clean, refreshed concrete surfaces that last.

Seal Concrete Expansion Joints to Experience Lasting Pavement with EverLine Coatings

Keeping your concrete joints sealed is just as important as sealing your concrete. If you fail to seal the expansion joints, they may soak up moisture, which, in turn, can cause severe damage to your concrete surfaces.

Sealed expansion joints in parking lots are engineered to last 5 to 10 years, subject to climate and traffic. Consistent evaluations are vital to uphold their performance. Experience the excellence of EverLine Coatings concrete expansion joint sealing and create a more resilient concrete surface.