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Asphalt Pothole Repair

Our exclusive infrared asphalt repair technology smooths and seals potholes for a permanent fix.

Lasting Pothole Repair for All Your Asphalt Surfaces

Your property’s parking lot is one of the first things that customers and guests notice. If your asphalt surfaces have annoying, unsightly potholes, you not only risk turning away visitors—you also risk damage to vehicles and dangerous slips and falls by pedestrians. That’s a liability concern you don’t need.

With EverLine Coatings’ industry-leading pothole repair technique, your asphalt surfaces will look good as new all over again—increasing your property’s safety and beauty.

What Causes Potholes to Form

When it comes to the formation of potholes, moisture is the enemy. As precipitation seeps into asphalt, it expands and contracts with temperature changes. This causes tiny breaks in the pavement to grow larger, leading to significant potholes over time. High usage by vehicles and general wear take their toll, too. Even the best-kept parking lots need proper maintenance to address small potholes before they overtake your asphalt.

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Infrared Pothole Repair Technology—The Permanent Solution for Addressing Asphalt Damage

Why choose a temporary fix like patching when a much better, longer-lasting repair is available? Infrared pothole repair is an advanced proprietary technique that includes heating the area around the existing pavement, adding a rejuvenating product to replace any oils and binders that have been stripped away over time, and then topping the repair with hot asphalt mix to smooth out the surface. 

This process delivers a seamless, water-tight bond that prevents moisture from penetrating the asphalt. This innovative technique is economical, efficient, and an environmentally friendly way to eliminate potholes while giving you peace of mind in your parking lot’s long-term performance. 

Asphalt Repair
Asphalt Pothole Repairs by Everline Coatings

The Advantages of Having EverLine Coatings Handle Your Pothole Repairs

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we serve customers from coast to coast with innovative, lasting techniques that give property owners superb asphalt performance year after year. When you work with us, you can expect:

Strong Technical Expertise

Our highly trained professional crews master the latest technologies and tools, so you can rest assured you’ll receive lasting performance from your asphalt.

Attentive Project Management

Our knowledgeable teams never take short-cuts. We do the work right at every step—which includes staying on top of all the details and timelines of your project. This makes it easy for you to focus on other business tasks—worry-free.

Our Asphalt Work

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EverLine Is Different

You shouldn’t have to wonder when (or if) a company will ever get back to you. EverLine’s CORE Quality System® not only delivers superior results, it also ensures you stay in-the-know throughout the process. That’s the EverLine difference.
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Asset-Minded Solutions

At EverLine Coatings, we’re committed to delivering top-notch asphalt care that gives your property long-term value. We use cutting-edge techniques and proven products that outperform others, so you can be sure you’re getting the best return on investment from your parking lot.

Other Asphalt Maintenance Services

Repair broken asphalt and eliminate hazardous road conditions for vehicles entering your property with our comprehensive asphalt maintenance services. From filling potholes to repairing cracks, we utilize proprietary techniques that create a durable and long-lasting repair. Say goodbye to unsightly and dangerous road imperfections with our professional asphalt pothole repair and crack filling solutions

Weather-resistant asphalt sealcoating creates an even surface and protects your asphalt from the elements.

Trusted, Lasting Solutions for All Your Asphalt Repair Needs with EverLine Coatings and Services

Put an end to unsightly, damaging potholes. Our affordable, durable solution will keep your asphalt parking lot in a beautiful, welcoming condition that invites in customers and makes it easy to navigate your property safely.

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