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Restriping 14 PA Turnpike Service Plazas with Clear and Bright Traffic Markings

See how EverLine Coatings restriped parking lots from Verona to Philadelphia, transforming faded parking lots into safe and vibrant spaces with clear traffic markings.

EverLine Coatings – Greater Pittsburgh successfully restriped 14 service plazas along the PA Turnpike, transforming lackluster parking lots into vibrant and safe spaces.

The 7-Eleven Travel Plazas along the Pennsylvania Turnpike faced a pressing problem – their service plaza parking lots were plagued by fading pavement markings. With the impending holiday travel rush, ensuring visitor safety became a top priority. They sought a trusted partner who could not only provide line striping services but also deliver exceptional results within a limited timeframe.

Greater Pittsburgh's EverLine Coatings revamps parking lot with fresh line striping and traffic markings

How EverLine's Approach to Parking Lot Line Striping Made All the Difference

Our client selected EverLine based on our solid reputation and recommendations from our national partner, 7-Eleven. We understood that this project required more than just a simple line striping service. It necessitated comprehensive planning and meticulous execution to enhance traffic flow and visitor safety.

To develop a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and challenges, our EverLine team engaged in close collaboration with the 7-Eleven operations department. By actively listening and communicating, we gained valuable insights into the traffic flow patterns and customer expectations.

Our team conducted on-site visits to nearby travel plazas, enabling them to assess traffic patterns, interact with on-site staff, and identify peak usage times. By doing so, we strategically scheduled the revitalization projects during daylight hours, even amid dropping temperatures in November and December. This commitment to optimizing working conditions exemplified EverLine’s dedication to excellence.

EverLine's Crew Methodically Prepared, Repainted, And Strategized To Deliver Clear And Bright Traffic Markings

With a meticulous approach to detail, the EverLine crew executed the revitalization project with precision and efficiency. We sectioned off areas to ensure seamless passage and minimal disruption for visitors utilizing gas refueling, parking, and rest areas. Our crew repainted all existing pavement markings, ensuring they were clear and bright, significantly improving traffic safety and overall aesthetics.

Extremely Pleased Customer

The project’s success was validated by the feedback received from satisfied clients.

“The rest stops look amazing! I’ve been traveling up and down the turnpike to all the rest stops, and everything is so bright. I’m extremely pleased.” – Doug

Such positive feedback affirmed EverLine’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations and delivering exceptional results. By transforming lackluster parking lots into vibrant and safe spaces with clear and bright traffic markings, we dedicate ourselves to making clients’ jobs easier while delivering top-notch results!

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