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Smoothing Out the Cracks in a Greater Cincinnati Private Driveway

See how EverLine Coatings helped a private property owner restore the sleek, smooth look to their driveway with asphalt crack filling and sealcoating.

A Damaged Cincinnati Driveway Needed Our Help

EverLine doesn’t just help commercial property managers with their asphalt needs. When someone in the Greater Cincinnati area reached out to us complaining about a cracked driveway that was looking a little worse for wear, we were glad to help. Why us and not a company more specialized in smaller-scale jobs? This client appreciated our brand and the experiences we’ve given others and decided to reach out.

When we arrived, we discovered a home in a higher-end area. The property looked great—outside of the private driveway that was in dire need of sprucing up.

Residential driveway asphalt sealcoating & crack filling in Cincinnati

EverLine's Asphalt Crack Filling and Sealcoating Create Long-Lasting Results

Fortunately, we had the skills to help. We began by thoroughly repairing all the cracks that had accrued over the years. Our asphalt crack filling service involves us completely cleaning the crack out using targeted heat and air treatments. Once the cracks are free from vegetation, moisture, and anything else that could compromise a watertight seal, we apply our crack-filling material to bond to the fissures. It leaves end-to-end protection, restoring the asphalt’s integrity.

With the cracks repaired, we wanted to leave behind a smooth, even finish. Our sealcoating services were the finishing touch. The sealed surface not only looks great with its uniform color, but it also protects the asphalt from water, salt, UV rays, and other surface damage.

Due to the tight spacing of the driveway, we had to get creative. We squeegeed the entire lot to leave behind an even finish.

Another Job Well Done by EverLine

Once the project was complete, we got the seal of approval from our customer. They were happy with the final results as well as our affordable price. We were glad to see another job well done.

Does your Greater Cincinnati asphalt need some work? We’re ready to help. Contact EverLine Coatings and let us know what’s going on. We’ll get you a free quote.

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