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Protect and Improve your Omaha Parking Lot with Asphalt Sealcoating

Parking lots are not only a major investment in your business but it is also one of the most important. Parking lots with cracks, or worse, potholes, aren’t just unsightly, they can also be dangerous. Prevention is always better than trying to restore your Omaha parking lot and the first line of defense is often asphalt sealcoating. As a benefit, this protective coating does far more than just prevent damage due to wear and tear. It also makes for an attractive, smooth parking lot that’s likely to last longer.

What Is Asphalt Sealcoating?

Asphalt sealcoating is the process of adding a protective shield to your paved surfaces. Asphalt is susceptible to damage from several causes, including water, chemical spills and general oxidation. When you protect your parking lot with asphalt sealcoating, you protect it against these threats that can weaken the integrity of your pavement.

Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating benefits your Omaha business in several ways. Here’s why you should make the investment:

  • Protection Against Wear and Tear: Weather and other wear and tear can cause havoc on your asphalt. Water from rain or snow can seep in and put your parking lot at risk of cracks and potholes. Sealcoating also protects the color and integrity of your asphalt against UV rays.
  • Attractive Finish to Your Parking Lot: With a layer of sealcoating, your parking lot will simply look nicer with its uniform finish. This not only enhances curb appeal and the value of your property but also creates a positive first impression on your guests.
  • Improved Safety: Well-maintained sealcoating on your parking lot provides additional traction for both vehicles and pedestrians. This means fewer accidents and slips.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: By preventing water penetration, you make your parking lot less likely to experience cracks or potholes that require extensive and expensive repairs. 
  • Improved Pavement Life Span: Because there will be less wear and tear and a reduced rate of cracks, your parking lot is likely to last longer before it needs to be replaced.

What’s the Best Time to Apply Asphalt Sealcoating in Omaha?

Ideally, asphalt sealcoating is applied during warmer, dryer seasons. Summer often works well because sealcoating needs temperatures to remain above 50°F without rain to properly cure. It takes about 24 hours to cure and set, and the summer months are most likely to have the optimal conditions.

How Often Should Sealcoating Be Reapplied?

There’s no singular answer to how often your sealcoating should be reapplied, as it depends largely on the conditions your parking lot operates under. The traffic volume and size of vehicles driving over your asphalt can impact the frequency of application. For example, a warehouse parking lot with large trucks driving on it daily often needs more frequent reapplication than a smaller suburban business plaza that only sees passenger vehicles during office hours. Likewise, parking lots with full sun exposure may require more frequent applications due to wear and tear caused by UV rays. 

To better determine how frequently your parking lot should have sealcoating applied, speak with the experts at EverLine Coatings for an assessment. We’ll be able to recommend a schedule that best suits your business’ unique needs.

Invest in Your Omaha Parking Lot’s Longevity With Asphalt Sealcoating

Replacing your Omaha parking lot is a major and costly endeavor. Asphalt sealcoating helps prevent contributing causes to cracks and potholes, preserving the integrity of your pavement and allowing you to get the most out of your parking lot’s life span. 

If you’re ready to invest in asphalt sealcoating as preventative maintenance, EverLine Coatings is ready to help. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our asphalt sealcoating services.

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