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Warehouse Floor Markings: Keeping Omaha Workplaces Safer

Operation managers in higher-risk workplaces can help create a safer environment by improving traffic flow throughout the site. Interior line painting enhances workplace safety for Omaha businesses through clear floor markings, helping to prevent accidents. Here, we look at how interior line painting and custom stenciling help create a safer work environment.

What is Warehouse Floor Marking?

Warehouse floor marking applies industrial-strength paint to flooring and other surfaces. It is similar to the process for painting parking lot line striping and traffic lines and can be customized to suit your needs. Custom stenciling allows you to apply arrows, stop signs, warnings, business-specific markings, and messaging throughout your workplace. 

Paint types and application methods are designed to suit your needs and budget, ranging from affordable solutions ideal for low-traffic warehouses to industrial-grade epoxy paint applications and industrial-strength paints for high-traffic flow sites. You can also choose the type of paint based on the permanency of your layout, whether you need something temporary with a constantly changing layout or something permanent.

Omaha Warehouse Floor Marking Compliance

There are several OSHA regulations regarding permanent aisle and passageway markings. However, despite not having government-mandated or industry standards for color markings, you can reduce accidents using color coding to quickly tell workers what areas are safe. Using the floor markings standard guide, your facility remains compliant and can reduce accidents in the workplace by indicating the following:

  • Yellow: Aisle ways, traffic lanes, and work cells.
  • White: Equipment and fixtures not otherwise color-coded (workstations, carts, floor stand displays, racks, etc.)
  • Blue | Green | Black: Materials and components, including raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods
  • Orange: Materials or products held for inspection
  • Red: Defects, scrap, rework, and red tag areas
  • Photoluminescent: Steps and perimeter demarcation to identify egress routes in a lights-out emergency
  • Red and White Stripe: Areas to be kept clear for safety/compliance reasons (areas in front of electrical panels, firefighting equipment, and safety equipment)
  • Black and White Stripe: Areas to be kept clear for operational purposes (not related to safety or compliance standards)
  • Yellow and Black Stripe: Areas that may expose employees to physical or health hazards

Other regulations and industry standards help keep your workplace safe, such as markings to indicate the following:

  • Use of mechanical equipment to indicate safe clearances
  • Fire extinguisher floor markings
  • Caution and physical hazards
  • Egress for safe exit routes using green and luminous markings
  • Defined aisles using floor marking tape
  • Striping to mark steps and landings


How Does Warehouse Floor Marking Improve Safety in Your Omaha Warehouse?

Interior line painting improves traffic flow, indicates hazardous areas, and delineates safe passage for industrial vehicles and workers. Your warehouse or plant layout becomes clearly defined, ensuring employees and visitors understand where they can and can’t go. As a result, you improve safety in several ways, including:

  • Keep foot traffic safe: People work alongside dangerous machinery in a warehouse or industrial environment. Interior line painting tells people where to walk, creates a safe path for forklifts and other mobile equipment, and designates safety areas for stationary equipment. With designated spaces for different types of site traffic, everyone understands how traffic is intended to flow, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries from heavy machinery.
  • Purposeful stations: Interior line painting allows operation managers to designate specific areas with different purposes. Whether it is storage, docking stations for mobile equipment, spaces for hazardous chemicals, temperature-sensitive areas, packing areas, shipping/receiving, assembly, etc., interior line painting and custom stenciling indicate the function and purpose of each area so employees can make their way around the site safely and efficiently.
  • Warehouse efficiency: In a warehouse setting, efficiency contributes to safety. Line markings provide clear guidelines that help create efficient traffic flow for each warehouse function. As with the creation of purposeful stations, in a warehouse, floor markings such as arrows keep employees moving in the right direction, stop signs ensure forklift and lift drivers stop before entering areas with high foot traffic, and gridded areas help ensure forklifts and other mobile equipment doesn’t travel too close to racks. Confusion is also eliminated so bottlenecks are avoided, and everyone knows how to navigate the warehouse using the most direct routes safely.

With the right interior line painting and custom stenciling plan, you create clear paths for foot traffic, designate purposeful work areas, create safer traffic flow for forklifts, and help reduce risks and hazards in the workplace.

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