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How EverLine Used Line Striping To Improve Two Neighboring Parking Lots in Omaha

Learn how EverLine revitalized two parking lots for the White Lotus Group with our comprehensive parking lot line painting services.

The White Lotus Group felt that some of the painted lines at two of their sites, the Park Plaza Apartments and Turner Park, were old and faded, and required some restriping. The client had worked with EverLine – Omaha before on different sites and projects and was confident that we’d deliver a quick, efficient service.

Improving Safety and Efficiency With Parking Lot Line Striping

The client wanted a range of line striping services that would make both of the parking lots more user-friendly, boosting safety and avoiding confusion. At Turner Park, we restriped yellow parking stall lines to help users park efficiently and restriped four sections of hatching.

The bulk of the work was carried out at the nearby Plaza Park Apartments. We restriped the lines for approximately 40 parking stalls, as well as restriping the yellow lines and hatching for a handicap stall. There were also two navigational arrows in need of restriping and restenciling, as well as yellow curbing on the property that needed to be revitalized. All of this improved the aesthetic appearance and user experience of the two parking lots.

Choose EverLine For Efficient Work and Great Results

The customer loved the experience of working with EverLine, and was particularly pleased by the speed at which we completed the project. They felt that the appearance of their lots had been hugely improved and that our team was friendly and professional.

If you feel that your parking lot line striping could do with an upgrade, or want to learn more about our parking lot maintenance services, contact us today.

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