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Optimizing Efficiency for Rotella’s Italian Bakery with Line Striping in Omaha

Learn how EverLine Coatings provided parking lot striping for a new loading dock layout for Rotella’s Italian Bakery in Omaha.

New Loading Dock Layout and Parking Lot Line Striping

Rotella’s in Omaha, Nebraska, has a significant presence in the region and has built a strong reputation for quality Italian baked goods since its establishment in 1921. Rotella’s products are widely distributed across the Midwest and beyond. They needed a new layout that included a precise layout for loading docks and parking stalls to optimize space and efficiency.

EverLine Coatings was selected for this project by The Tippmann Group, a leader in cold storage and food processing facility designs on behalf of Rotella’s Italian Bakery. Our ability to handle large-scale projects and meet strict specifications made us the preferred choice for Rotella’s.

Before After Before Rotella's Italian Bakery updated with parking lot line striping in OmahaRotella's Italian Bakery updated with parking lot line striping in Omaha

EverLine Coatings Ensures Compliance and Quality for Rotella's Parking Lot

EverLine Coatings provided comprehensive parking lot striping services for Rotella’s  property. This project involved:

  • 128 normal-sized parking stall lines
  • 40 12’x60′ parking stall lines
  • 5 new ADA compliant parking stalls with surrounding hatching

Each detail was executed with precision to ensure compliance and optimal functionality in this critical food distribution environment. With Rotella’s long-standing reputation, we wanted to ensure their parking lot outside reflected the quality of their baked goods inside.

Client Satisfaction with EverLine's Detailed Project Execution

The client was highly satisfied with our professional and timely services. They appreciated our ability to deliver on schedule and within budget, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations at Rotella’s facility in Omaha. Our team’s attention to detail and adherence to specifications were noted as key factors in the project’s success.

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