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Preferred Slip-Resistant Floor Coating in Lincoln

Unlock safety and style with EverLine Coatings in Lincoln, NE, and elevate your space with top-tier slip-resistant flooring solutions.

Keep Your Property Safe & Sound with Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings

Just like the steady folks of Lincoln, NE, our coatings offer durability and resilience, ensuring your floors stay secure for all who walk on them. Whether it’s your cozy café, bustling retail store, or industrial warehouse, our solutions blend seamlessly with Lincoln’s warm hospitality and hard-working ethos.

Keep your floors safe and your customers happy with our slip-resistant coatings. Let’s make your space as inviting and reliable as this great city we call home.

Non-Slip Floor Coatings applied by EverLine Coatings

Innovation Underfoot to Protect Your Entire Property

Durable slip-resistant coatings resist wear and tear from heavy traffic and weather exposure. They also help your business comply with safety regulations while reducing maintenance costs and legal liabilities.

Customize your coatings with various finishes and colors and prioritize safety with slip-resistant coatings to enhance customer satisfaction and confidence, letting those in the Lincoln area feel more secure navigating indoor and outdoor spaces.

Interior Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings
Indoor Coating

Provide traction and grip, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls in high-traffic areas where spills or moisture may occur. The versatility of our coatings enhances safety for employees handling materials or equipment, fostering a more productive and efficient working environment.

Outdoor Slip-Resistant Floor Coatings
Outdoor Coating

Offer enhanced traction on sidewalks, bike paths, crosswalks, roadways and stairs during inclement weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice. You can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the public spaces of your Lincoln area business.

Safeguarded Your Surface with Our Other Services

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Prioritize the safety and maintenance of your property’s flooring with a durable hard plastic coating that offers slip-resistant properties and easy cleaning to safeguard all flooring surfaces.

Interior Line Painting

Ensure effective communication of vital safety messages and directional cues with resilient interior line painting that endures.

Non-Slip Floor coating and line painting on a warehouse floor by EverLine Coatings

Tread Confidently with EverLine Coatings to Make Your Flooring Slip-Resistant

EverLine Coatings is your top choice for property maintenance in Lincoln, NE. We deliver professionalism and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our vibrant culture fosters a dedicated and connected team, led by our owner, whose roots in Nebraska go back more than 40 years.

With our digital project presentation, you’ll know everything about the work from start to finish. At EverLine Coatings, we redefine excellence and strive to be the industry leader in the Midwest.

Fortify Your Surfaces with Slip-Resistant Coatings

Investing in slip-resistant coatings improves safety, reduces accidents and fosters positive experiences for customers, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Contact us today for a free quote and discover the difference with EverLine Coatings. Our dedicated team will elevate your property maintenance needs to new heights.

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