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Improve First Impressions by Sealcoating Your Lincoln Business

Property maintenance is critical to maintain the value of your commercial property and attract more customers and tenants. Here, we explore how sealcoating your commercial property paved surfaces enhances the visual appeal, longevity, and overall first impressions to attract more customers and potentially increase profitability.


What is the Purpose of Asphalt Sealcoating?

Asphalt sealcoating prevents water and chemicals from penetrating the pavement. Moisture and chemicals such as oil drips from vehicles cause cracks and ultimately, potholes when cracks are not repaired. High-quality sealants sprayed onto asphalt create a protective barrier to prevent cracks, create a more uniform look to your paved surfaces and extend the life of the pavement by helping it remain flexible and water resistant.


How Does Asphalt Sealcoating Improve First Impressions for Employees and Tenants

Whether you own a commercial property in Lincoln and want to attract and retain high-quality tenants or run a business, making a good first impression is critical to your success. Consider your own point of view. If you were looking for a new office for your business, how would you feel if you pulled up to a building with a parking lot overgrown with weeds, cracks, and potholes? Your first impression would be that the building is poorly maintained, and you’d likely feel the owner:

  • Doesn’t care for the property
  • Won’t provide the bare minimum to meet your needs, such as ensuring the property is safe, clean, has functioning elevators, is free of leaks, etc.
  • Is charging way too much
  • Will chase away your most valued employees

On the other hand, if the property were pristine, you’d feel confident the building presents the right tone for your brand, the managers will keep the property well-maintained, your visitors will be safe, and your employees will feel valued.


How Does Asphalt Sealcoating Improve First Impressions for Customers?

If you were out shopping and arrived to the same situation, your instincts would tell you:

  • This store is not trustworthy
  • The area is unsafe
  • The shop can’t possibly provide high-quality products and services if they can’t afford to maintain their property
  • The shop can’t be successful if they can’t afford proper maintenance
  • Keep driving!

Again, if the property was well-maintained with an even and uniform parking lot free of weeds and potholes, you wouldn’t give it a second thought and carry on with your shopping plans.


How Does Asphalt Sealcoating Improve Parking Lot and Property Longevity?

An effective parking lot preventative maintenance program requires property sealcoating every two to three years. This is the ideal time to protect your paved surfaces, whether it is a parking lot, pathways, sidewalks, etc. Sealcoating helps improve property longevity in the following ways:

  • You reduce the risk of oil, salt, and vehicle chemical damage to your asphalt providing a protective coating
  • You prevent water damage caused by fluctuating temperatures that create cracks leading to potholes and serious damage
  • You eliminate contaminants left behind by vehicles with a thorough cleaning prior to asphalt sealcoat application
  • You help maintain asphalt flexibility with a properly cured sealcoating application
  • Your sealcoating company will look for issues such as cracks that need repairs
  • You take a proactive approach to prevent damage

How Does Asphalt Sealcoating Improve Parking Lot Safety?

Asphalt sealcoating also keeps your parking lot safer for pedestrians and vehicles. A smooth paved surface free of cracks and potholes prevents trips and falls. It also creates better traction for vehicles and avoids sudden dips related to potholes that can cause severe damage. You can avoid liabilities related to personal injuries and vehicle damage, while also creating a more positive experience for visitors, customers, and tenants. 

Fresh sealcoating with new parking lot lines also creates clearly defined parking spots, safer pedestrian walkways, and helps direct traffic on your property. You reduce the risk of dents as customers are more likely to part at a safe distance. Even, dark pavement in hand with bright yellow or white parking lines boost curb appeal, improve customer experiences, enhance property value, and create more positive experiences in the community.

Although you might put basic parking lot maintenance on the back burner in an attempt to save money, it can actually eat into your profitability by ruining your curb appeal and destroying first impressions. With regular preventative parking lot maintenance and sealcoating, you maintain an inviting, safe property that sends the right message to the community.

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