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Boosting Lincoln Parking Lot Durability Through High-Quality Sealcoating

In Lincoln, NE, many business owners and property managers face one significant challenge: keeping their parking lots in excellent condition as it is a reflection of their business to the community. From hot, sunny summers that expose your parking lot to UV rays to chilly winters where freezes are common, your Lincoln parking lot is quite vulnerable to wear and tear from the elements.

Without proper maintenance, your parking lot can become worn out, brittle and more susceptible to damage. However, sealcoating offers a solution that keeps your parking lot looking great all year long.

What Is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is the process of adding an extra layer, known as a membrane that acts as a waterproofing sealant, to the top of your asphalt parking lot. It is a protective barrier for your lot to help prevent unwanted cracks or potholes.

How Often Should Sealcoating Be Applied?

The exact frequency of how often you should apply a sealcoating depends on numerous factors, including how busy your parking lot is, as well as whether it experiences extreme natural forces, like heavy sunlight or freezing conditions that require you to put down salt. However, generally speaking, it should be applied every three years or so. 

Benefits of Sealcoating

Sealcoating your parking lot offers numerous benefits that are hard to ignore. Choosing to seal your asphalt is often a great investment because it:

Provides Additional Protection and Extends Pavement Life Span

Your parking lot is under a constant onslaught from the elements. UV rays from the sun, for example, can lead to oxidation as the asphalt dries out. As it oxidizes, it becomes brittle, which can lead to damage such as cracks or potholes.

A protective layer of sealcoating stops the UV rays from drying and damaging your parking lot.

Stops Moisture From Damaging Your Parking Lot

When it rains, water can seep into your asphalt. Under the surface, water can accumulate, and as winter freezes occur, the water expands as it turns into ice. That expansion forces the asphalt apart and worsens any cracking already present. 

Sealcoating fills in any small cracks, preventing water from entering them. 

Protects Your Asphalt Against Wear and Tear

Asphalt is meant to be flexible. This flexibility causes it to bend to accommodate the weight of heavy vehicles like trucks instead of cracking. However, if your asphalt is allowed to dry out, it won’t have that extra flexibility to give to the weight of vehicles. Brittle asphalt is more likely to become cracked and deteriorate sooner.

By applying asphalt sealcoating, you protect it from drying out. It’s a preventative measure against future damage. 

Looks Great

Dry, worn out parking lots can be an eyesore, especially if cracks and potholes start setting in. When you invest in asphalt sealcoating, you add a fresh, new layer to its surface. All cracks and holes must be sealed before applying sealcoating, and once the coating is applied, it covers up previous repairs. You’re left with a beautiful uniform coat over your asphalt that looks great and boosts curb appeal. When you have to compete against other companies for business, you want every advantage you can get, and curb appeal is a great way to get that leg up.

Reduces the Need For Repairs and Maintenance

It’s only natural that your parking lot will need maintenance and repairs at some point. However, when you invest in sealcoating, you can save time and money by reducing the likelihood of pavement problems developing in the first place. By keeping your asphalt shielded and preventing it from drying out, it’s less likely to crack in the long run.

How Sealcoating Works

The sealcoating process is relatively simple. All repairs must first be completed on your parking lot. With a clean, repaired surface, the membrane can then be added. We use a sealer that creates a strong, moisture-proof membrane that protects the underlying asphalt. 

Ideally, your sealcoating is applied when it’s above 55°F outside so it can cure properly. It needs two days to cure completely and properly, so traffic and debris would need to stay off of it during this time. 

Sealcoating Your Lincoln Parking Lot Keeps it Looking Great For Years to Come

When you invest in sealcoating, you invest in your parking lot’s longevity. By applying this membrane, you protect your asphalt from the sun, rain, cold and routine traffic to help prevent cracks, potholes and other challenges. 

If you’re ready to protect your Lincoln parking lot, contact EverLine Coatings for simple sealcoating solutions today and a free quote!

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