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Transforming Millard Lumber Inc. With Interior and Exterior Line Striping

When Millard Lumber Inc. needed exterior and interior line striping in Lincoln, they contacted EverLine Coatings. We did a great job!

When Millard Lumber Inc. faced faded lines in their warehouse and parking lot, they reached out to EverLine Coatings. We provided services including parking lot line striping, interior line painting and warehouse floor markings to help this Lincoln business thrive.

Why Millard Lumber Chose EverLine 

Millard Lumber Inc. contacted EverLine Coatings after finding our information online. We have a huge amount of experience of interior and exterior line striping, so we were the perfect fit for the job!

Millard Lumber in Lincoln serviced with parking lot line striping & interior line marking

Restriping Stalls, Lanes and Safety Lines in Lincoln

The Millard Lumber Inc. parking lot was suffering from faded lines, which were making the lot less convenient for drivers to use. We restriped roughly 240 yellow parking stall lines, 20 hatched areas around the stalls, 2,030 feet of existing lane lines, and 15 arrows. As a result of our working in the parking lot, drivers can now navigate the lot easily and park safely.

In addition, we also carried out interior line striping. We cleaned the existing lines in the Millard Lumber Inc. warehouse and applied regular traffic paint to 3,750 linear feet of safety lines. As a result, the warehouse is now a safer environment. We’re proud to have contributed to keeping workers safe at this core Lincoln business.

Millard Lumber Inc.: A Satisfied Interior Line Painting Customer

Millard Lumber Inc. contacted us by email to express their satisfaction with our work. They praised our clear communication, which reassured them that the work would go smoothly. On the day that the work was carried out, they were impressed by the quality of our team’s work and their attention to detail, saying we did a fantastic job. When Millard Lumber Inc. requires more work at either of their facilities, they’ll call on EverLine Coatings.

If your Lincoln parking lot has faded lines, or your warehouse safety markings have seen better days, you can count on us. EverLine Coatings pays attention to the details of every line striping job, ensuring a clear and bright result. Get in touch today for a free quote!

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