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EverLine Coatings Brings Long-Lasting Line Striping, Asphalt Repair, & More to a Lincoln Hospital

See how EverLine Coatings used TBL Durables in a parking lot line striping job at Bryan East Hospital, Lincoln, with fantastic results!

The Bryan East Hospital in Lincoln recently welcomed a new facilities manager. Determined to improve the condition of the hospital’s parking lot, he reached out to EverLine Coatings. The parking lot needed a lot of work, including asphalt crack filling, infrared asphalt pothole repairs, and parking lot line striping. We got to work right away to refresh and improve the parking lot, even adding speed bumps to help keep everyone safe!

Before After Lincoln hospital gets parking lot asphalt repair and line stripingLincoln hospital gets parking lot asphalt repair and line striping

Old Speed Bumps, Potholes, Cracks, and Faded Lines Get a Makeover

Speed bumps help to keep patients, visitors, and medical workers safe in hospital parking lots. We removed old speed bump stakes at the Bryan East Hospital and installed five new speed bumps.

Potholes are dangerous, as they can cause damage to cars and pose a trip hazard for pedestrians. We repaired potholes and also carried out asphalt crack filling to prevent the development of new ones. In just one parking lot, we filled more than 1,500 linear feet of cracks to a depth of 3/4″!

Parking lots require regular re-striping to keep their markings clear and bright. We power-washed flaky old paint off the curbing, re-striped parking stall lines, and re-stenciled crosswalks and arrows to direct traffic safely.

The new facilities manager wanted new line markings that would stand the test of time. We advised him to go for TBL Durables, our premium traffic coating brand. We used TBL Durables to re-stripe yellow curbing and yellow parking stalls, ensuring that the color would stay vivid and highly visible for as long as possible.

Long-Lasting Results for the Hospital

We loved improving the parking lots at Bryan East Hospital. It’s always a joy to apply TBL Durables traffic coating, as it is such a high-quality product that’s fun to work with. We still need to complete the emergency lot, and we can’t wait to get started!

If you need services for your parking lot in Lincoln, don’t hesitate to reach out to EverLine Coatings. We are ready to take on your asphalt pothole repair, asphalt crack filling, or parking lot line striping job. Get in touch today!

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