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Expert Parking Lot Line Striping for Lincoln Gateway Mall

EverLine Coatings in Lincoln, NE provides exceptional parking lot line striping to a local retail area and shopping mall.

Lincoln Gateway Mall was EverLine Coatings’ first client in the spring of 2023. We were just getting started as a company, but they reached out to us after disappointing results from another company that did their previous parking lot line striping. We rose to the challenge of taking on this big job, and are proud to say it worked out so well that they asked our team to come back for another project this year.

Gateway Mall parking lot line striping in Lincoln

Parking Lot Line Striping and Asphalt Crack Filling

We’ve just completed the asphalt crack filling and parking lot line striping at Lincoln Gateway Mall. Several businesses within the mall required these services, including Dick’s, Applebees and Olive Garden. The food court lot also needed sprucing up.

In the Westside North lot, we filled in 750 feet of one-inch cracks, preventing them from developing into nasty potholes. We then got to work on the parking lot line striping. It was a big job, including refreshing 390 parking stall lines and 4 handicap stalls, hatching between the stalls and in the crosswalks, and re-stenciling 32 arrows to guide drivers as they move through the lot. We also restriped 20 feet of yellow curbing and 480 feet of red curbing to help keep everyone safe.

We did similar work in several other Gateway Mall parking lots. The result was a significant improvement in the clarity of parking lot line markings and a return to a flawless, crack-free asphalt surface. Thanks to our team’s hard work, visitors to Lincoln Gateway Mall can now park safely and navigate the parking lots with ease.

Continued Partnership for the Future

Lincoln Gateway Mall was our first client ever. We are proud to continue to serve this mall in the heart of Lincoln and help keep its parking lots in perfect condition. Chad from Lincoln Gateway Mall says it’s “always a pleasure” to work with EverLine Coatings.

If you need asphalt crack filling or parking lot line striping for your Lincoln parking lot, why not contact us today at EverLine Coatings? We’re ready to take on any challenge and deliver excellent results.

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