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Parking Lot Line Striping & Asphalt Pothole Repair in Shawnee

Revitalize your parking lots and pavement surfaces in Shawnee, Kansas, and let EverLine Coatings help you boost safety while enhancing curb appeal.

Let Your Pavement Make a Lasting Impression

When your Shawnee, KS property or business needs a fresh, well-maintained parking lot, EverLine Coatings offers comprehensive parking lot and asphalt solutions. Keeping your property looking its best along with ensuring the safety of your customers, employees and visitors takes time. You already juggle quite a lot, so let our top-notch solutions help you achieve a low-maintenance and visually appealing parking lot.

The leadership team in Shawnee aims to be the gold standard in the line striping and pavement industry by offering a “one-stop shop” for all maintenance needs. We provide excellent service and forge lasting client relationships, taking pride in customer satisfaction. Our manager has lived in Missouri for over 15 years and is entrenched in the local community.

Crisp Lines and Clear Parking Lots

TBL DurablesProper line striping creates an organized and safe parking lot, whether it’s for a bustling retail shopping center, a healthcare facility serving patients or a manufacturing plant with a large workforce. EverLine Coatings provides both new parking lot layouts and restriping services.

Our top-of-the-line solution is TBL Durables, a long-lasting coating specifically designed for high-traffic areas like those found at educational institutions, professional office parks and popular dining establishments. This durable coating offers superior visibility and longevity compared to traditional paints, ensuring your parking lot lines remain crisp and well-defined.

Nip It in the Bud with Asphalt Crack Filling

Over time, even the parking lots of well-maintained commercial properties in Shawnee develop unsightly cracks, which can quickly worsen and lead to potholes if left unattended. For retail centers, healthcare facilities, or industrial sites with minimal cracking, EverLine Coatings offers expert asphalt crack filling services to prevent further deterioration. Our specialized process involves cleaning out the cracks, applying a rubberized crack filler and sealing the area for a long-lasting repair that keeps your lot looking its best.

Asphalt Crack Filling Services by EverLine Coatings

Pothole Repair Creates Smooth Sailing

When potholes do form, they pose a significant safety hazard and can cause costly vehicle damage. EverLine Coatings utilizes state-of-the-art infrared pothole repair technology to provide a permanent solution. This innovative process involves heating the existing asphalt to a pliable state, removing any loose material and installing fresh hot-mix asphalt. The final step compacts it for a smooth and long-lasting repair that restores the integrity of your parking lot.

Asphalt being repaired by an EverLine Coatings Crew

Our Pavement Maintenance Work

Before After Before Everline Coatings Transformed this parking lot with line painting servicesAn after image of Everline Coatings line painting services

Preserving Perfection with Asphalt Sealcoating

Regular sealcoating protects your asphalt parking lot from the damaging effects of weather, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear caused by heavy traffic at shopping malls, hospitals, schools in Shawnee. EverLine Coatings offers professional asphalt sealcoating services, applying a protective coating that enhances the appearance of your parking lot to make a great first impression.

Pavement with sealcoating applied by EverLine Coatings

Your Pavement Partner in Shawnee

Don’t let a deteriorating parking lot detract from your Shawnee property or business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our comprehensive line striping, asphalt repair and sealcoating services. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we’ll help you maintain a safe, visually appealing and long-lasting parking lot that enhances your property’s curb appeal and ensures a positive experience for all who visit.

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