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Preferred Sports Courts Line Painting & Resurfacing in Twin Cities

Is your Twin Cities, MN sports court worn, faded, or damaged? Update and upgrade it with our range of sports court line painting and resurfacing services.

Attract Locals and Visitors with Sports Court Resurfacing

The Twin Cities boast several professional sports teams, from the Vikings to the Timberwolves, and residents of this lively metro area take sports seriously. Plenty of the city’s 3.6 million residents have been inspired to take up sports themselves, from baseball and pickleball to football and tennis. Owning a sports court can be a great business move, but it’s important that your court looks great, is safe for users, and allows people to enjoy a great game. EverLine’s sports court line painting and resurfacing services can bring even the most worn, damaged court back to life.

Our Sports Court Lining and Repainting Services

A sports court that’s faded or chipped is unappealing to potential players in a variety of ways. Worn lines can be hard to see, making playing a fair game much harder, and a faded old court generally looks unappealing. Large cracks or chips can cause falls and other accidents, which could land your business in trouble. Luckily, our sports court maintenance services can give your sports court a new lease of life.

We’ll begin our process by fixing any areas of your court that are cracked or chipped, improving safety and making the court smooth again. We’ll then apply a coat of our premium acrylic coating to protect your court from future damage, before applying 1-2 layers of your chosen color. We can then paint vibrant, easy-to-see lines for whatever game you choose, creating a layout that perfectly suits your needs.

Finally, for outdoor courts and pitches, we’d recommend a layer of our clear UV protective coating to prevent fading in the hot summer sun. Your court can be ready in as little as 4-5 days.

Sports Court Line Painting & Resurfacing in Twin Cities

Why Choose EverLine For Sports Court Maintenance

EverLine is an industry leader, building out detailed specifications for our projects to ensure that your results are as good as possible. Our team has taken a thorough study and training course to make sure they’re ready for your project, and we use only the best products and techniques for results that last. We’re versatile about what we can create, with a wide range of available court layouts and colors available. 

Communication is prioritized throughout, and you’ll be kept informed about what’s going on at each step of the process. Every EverLine project ends with a full evaluation, complete with before and after photos, and we’ll make sure you’re completely happy with your sports court before we wrap things up.

Everline Basketball court refinishing
Everline Tennis Court Refinishing

Upgrade Your Sports Court With EverLine

Keeping a sports court in excellent condition can be stressful, whether your court is located in a public park, gym, recreation center, school, or another facility. If you choose to work with EverLine, we guarantee that we’ll coordinate your project so you never have to worry about it or wonder what’s going on, saving you time and stress. To find out more and get a quote, contact us today.

Sports Court Line Painting & Resurfacing in Twin Cities

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