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How Proper Line Striping Benefits Your Twin Cities' Mall Parking Lot

If you’re a property manager or business owner of a shopping mall in the Twin Cities area, you know that there are a wide range of different elements to consider on a daily basis. One component that is often overlooked is the quality of your parking lot striping. When you think of it, the parking lot is often the first thing that visitors experience when visiting your mall, and if it’s in poor shape, it can create a negative perception of the mall itself.

Here are some real-life benefits you can experience with proper parking lot line striping:

Maximizing Parking Lot Space and Efficiency

With proper parking lot line striping, you have the opportunity to optimize the layout of your parking lot to maximize the available space. When parking spaces are clearly marked, it helps improve the flow of traffic and create a sense of organization that isn’t there with poor striping. By optimizing your space, you’ll end up with increased parking capacity and less congestion in your parking lots. It also helps easily identify and designate handicapped parking spots, loading zones, fire lanes, and similar areas.

Improving the Flow of Traffic

All of us have been in a mall parking lot where the flow of traffic isn’t as efficient as it could be. Not only does this affect people’s moods and patience, but it can also increase the likelihood of accidents, which adds to the congestion even more. When you have your parking lot line striping done by a reputable professional, driving lanes, stop lines, crosswalks, and parking spaces will all be easy to see, minimizing the chance of collisions and keeping the traffic moving in an orderly fashion.

Enhancing Pedestrian Safety

In many parking lots, there’s a real chance of pedestrians being injured due to the poor flow of traffic. When drivers are unsure or confused about where to go, they can easily become distracted. And if a parking lot doesn’t have clear markings for pedestrians to follow, they can end up being in places they shouldn’t be and coming into contact with vehicles.

Compliance with Regulations

When you have the right parking lot striping, you won’t have to concern yourself with complying with local laws and regulations. It’s not uncommon for municipalities to have specific guidelines relating to the dimensions, colors, and other factors relating to parking lot lines. And when you have access to a proven service provider, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be in compliance with all the right regulations and that the parking lot meets all necessary legal requirements.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

There’s no question that professional parking line striping looks great, and adding to the visual appeal of a shopping mall can only have positive benefits. When people see the contrast between the lines and the pavement, it helps create a perception of the mall and the individual businesses inside the mall. Improved curb appeal can lead to more visitors and, ultimately, more sales.

Trusted Parking Lot Line Striping with EverLine Coatings

When you have professional line striping by our team at EverLine Coatings, you can feel confident it will take your mall to a whole new level. As soon as someone cruises into your parking lot, they’ll create a positive association because it looks great and is a stress-free environment. The parking lot becomes something that enhances the overall experience, not something that needs to be tolerated to go shopping. We strive to maintain a strong reputation for high-quality work and attention to detail, and our highly-trained technicians always go above and beyond to make a difference.

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