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Enhancing Safety and Efficiency through Warehouse Floor Markings for Lakeville Warehouse

See how EverLine Coatings revived BTD Manufacturing Warehouse, meeting OSHA safety guidelines with 11k ft of safety line striping.

BTD Manufacturing Warehouse in Lakeville, MN needed 11,000 linear feet of safety line striping to meet stringent OSHA safety requirements. With a vast area spanning 480,000 square feet under one roof, the challenge was to seamlessly implement these markings within a tight timeframe.

The client’s decision to choose EverLine Coatings Twin Cities was rooted in our strong relationship building and clear, consistent communication. From the initial discussions to the final execution, we worked closely with the client, understanding their needs and surpassing their expectations.

EverLine enhances Lakeville warehouse with interior line markings

Comprehensive Services to Solve Our Client's Problems

Warehouse Floor Markings: Our team meticulously marked and striped the warehouse to ensure optimal safety and efficiency. Covering an impressive area of 1,850 feet long by 260 feet wide, we navigated through the vast expanse of the facility, leaving no room for compromise.

Meeting Safety Requirements: Our team precisely marked 11,000 linear feet of safety lines, adhering to the strict guidelines set by OSHA. Each line, measuring 4″ in width, required 51 gallons of paint, providing clear demarcation throughout the warehouse.

Enhancing Durability: Understanding the bustling nature of the warehouse, where forklifts and pallet jacks are constantly in operation, we went the extra mile by applying a protective coating of clear coat on top of the paint. This additional layer ensures durability, preventing premature wear and tear.

Testing for Performance: In order to evaluate the durability of our markings, we tested a 25-foot-long strip of 4″ wide yellow durable tape on one of the main crosswalks. The tape has already proven its resilience against heavy traffic and forklift movement, and we will continue to monitor its performance.

Delivering Excellence Under Time Constraints

The client’s request for a last-minute push was met with utmost dedication. Considering the warehouse’s 24/7 operation, we strategically planned our work within a limited 5-day window. Our team, comprising five skilled professionals, successfully accomplished the project in only 3.5 days.

Great Work with Outstanding Results

As the project concluded, the BTD Manufacturing Warehouse client was delighted with the outcome, commending our team’s exceptional work. Their satisfaction reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality results and exceeding client expectations.

Are you seeking to transform your workspace and promote safety? Look no further than EverLine Coatings Twin Cities. Explore our diverse range of projects and discover how we can help you create an environment that reflects your brand and enhances functionality.

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