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Optimizing Warehouse Space With Interior Line Painting in Grand Rapids, MI

Observe how EverLine Coatings transformed warehouse space in Grand Rapids with precision interior line painting and floor markings.

Optimizing a warehouse’s usable space is critical to business success. When Fairlife faced the challenge of maximizing space efficiency in their newly expanded Grand Rapids warehouse, they chose our company for our professional, reliable reputation. They wanted the job done right and trusted our team to deliver high-quality results.

Before After Grand Rapids warehouse before interior line stripingGrand Rapids warehouse with interior line striping

Details Matter When Providing Tailored Solutions

To optimize the space utilization for our client, we performed interior line painting and created clear and organized lines. This designated specific storage bays for efficiency. We also implemented strategic warehouse floor markings to guide material placement and improve workflow.

The project involved marking 27 storage bays within the warehouse. Our client intended to utilize the interior stripes to ensure materials were stored effectively, maximizing available space. Despite the scope, our team completed the project promptly and to the client’s satisfaction.

Noteworthy Execution and Positive Results

Throughout the project, feedback from the job site was overwhelmingly positive. The client expressed satisfaction with the outcome and appreciated our ability to adapt to their changing needs, most notably involving extending lines beyond where they were initially planned. They were particularly pleased that we completed the project in just one day.

For expert interior line painting and warehouse floor markings to optimize your space in Grand Rapids or provide additional professional services, contact EverLine Coatings today to discuss your project needs.

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