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Parking Lot Maintenance for West Broadway Baptist Church in Louisville/Lexington

See how EverLine Coatings revitalized a church parking lot with crack filling, pothole repair and line striping without interrupting their schedule.

West Broadway Baptist Church had postponed parking lot maintenance for many years, leading to significant asphalt damage. They had sink spots, surface layer failure, cracks and drainage issues. Additionally, the faded parking stall lines caused constant confusion for church members. The church chose our company because we could provide all necessary parking lot services while accommodating their daily event schedule.

Louisville & Lexington EverLine revamps church parking lot with crack filling and linestriping

Delivering Targeted Solutions

To address the church’s many parking lot issues, our team worked efficiently to clean weed growth and loose debris from the cracks in the pavement. We then employed asphalt crack filling to seal the cracks and prevent further damage, extending the pavement’s life.

Next, using infrared technology to blend new and old materials seamlessly, we completed the asphalt pothole repairs and created durable, smooth patches. Finally, we performed parking lot line striping and painting to restore clear, organized parking stall lines.

Throughout the entire project, we coordinated closely with the church to ensure the work was completed without disrupting their scheduled events.

Ensuring Satisfaction and a Positive Experience

The client was extremely supportive, even offering to bring our staff lunch and dinner on multiple days. Their feedback highlights the success of the project:

“EverLine Coatings and Services cleaned the weed growth from the cracks in our parking lot, sealed the cracks in the pavement, fixed potholes and striped the lot. The patching was very well done, as their method blends the new and old material and leaves a seamless flat patch. We feel these services will go a long way toward increasing the life of our lot and preventing further damage from weather. They created a plan to do the work around our scheduled use of the lot, and the work was done without any problems or delays. The striping has made the most difference, as the lot now looks well-maintained.”

If your parking lot in the Louisville or Lexington area requires comprehensive maintenance, contact us today. We deliver efficient, high-quality solutions tailored to your needs.

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