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Why Your Drive-Thru in Wichita Needs High-Quality Line Striping

As a fast food restaurant manager in Wichita, KS, you know the drill. Your drive-thru customers expect tasty food, prompt service, and an easy drive-thru experience. Have you ever considered how parking lot line striping affects that experience? The truth is that customers’ safety and satisfaction both depend on your lot having clearly marked lines. 

Wichita Drive-Thru Frustrations and Solutions

Think about the following situation. There are cars all over the block and it’s the thick of the lunchtime rush. Customers are impatiently approaching your drive-thru, hungry and in a hurry. Drivers become more and more irritated as they try to figure out how to move through the drive-thru. They take it out on your staff, damaging morale and causing delays.

Is this disorganized sight familiar to you? If so, it might be time to arrange parking lot line striping. 

At Wichita Drive-Thrus, Safety Comes First

Drive-thrus in Wichita need to be safe places for everyone. With appropriate lane marking and pedestrian path designation, an environment that is safer for both customers and staff can be created. Thanks to clear parking lot line striping, the possibility of accidents associated with the drive-thru will be decreased.

Clarity is essential in the chaotic environment of a fast-food drive-thru. For this reason, it’s important that your parking lot layout includes specified zones with obvious markings. For example, you may need to mark some areas as “Do Not Enter” areas and provide crosswalks to keep people safe.

Beat the Competition With Your Wichita Drive-Thru

What would it take to set your fast-food restaurant apart from the many others in Wichita? How about adding branding to your parking lot? You can set yourself apart from other companies in your sector by giving your drive-thru and parking lot a personalized feel. Almost any symbol, including your company’s emblem, can be added to your pavement with custom stenciling. 

Additionally, you can add signs designating specific parking spaces for staff members. You may also want to designate specific bays as allocated for patrons with disabilities or parents of small children.

Why Pick EverLine Coatings for Wichita Parking Lot Line Striping?

EverLine Coatings is committed to providing quality parking lot line striping and custom stenciling for your Wichita fast food business. Our goal is to help you grow your brand and keep your customers happy. We will work with you to streamline your drive-thru and parking lot

To begin the journey toward a more efficient, safe and smooth drive-through experience, contact us today for a free quote!

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