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Tackling Common Paving Problems with Asphalt Repair in Wichita

In Wichita, KS, property managers and business owners face the challenge of maintaining pristine asphalt surfaces. These surfaces are prone to a number of problems, from dangerous potholes to unsightly cracks. In this blog, we examine the common asphalt issues affecting Wichita’s pavements, examining their underlying causes and offering workable fixes.


Cracking is one of the most common problems affecting asphalt surfaces in Wichita. This can show up as edge cracking, longitudinal cracking, block cracking or alligator cracking, among other forms.

Alligator cracking forms connected, asymmetrically formed blocks or polygons on the asphalt surface, akin to the pattern of reptile scales. It often results from the base being poorly compacted at the time of installation.

Block cracking presents as large, rectangular cracks that divide the asphalt surface into blocks or sections. 

The reason for this is that the asphalt contracts in reaction to variations in the weather.

Fractures that run parallel to the pavement edge are the hallmark of edge cracking, which happens along the pavement’s margins. It is brought on by the foundation layer eroding, which starts at the paved area’s edges.

Linear cracks that run parallel to the direction of the pavement or road are known as longitudinal cracks. Their depth and length can vary.

The various types of cracking often result from factors like overloading, weakened bases, or insufficient asphalt thickness. Meticulous crack filling techniques can address these challenges. 


Potholes are an ongoing issue in many areas, including Wichita. They are caused by a number of things, including heavy traffic, freeze-thaw cycles and water infiltration. By using infrared asphalt repair to patch potholes quickly, the likelihood of accidents is reduced and a smooth, safe driving surface is provided.


Factors such as harsh weather conditions, aging, or oil and chemical spills contribute to the discoloration of asphalt surfaces. Even simple sunlight can cause damage due to the UV radiation in the light. Addressing discoloration involves specialized coatings and sealants, restoring color and protecting against further deterioration.

Tackling Wichita Paving Problems With Asphalt Repair From EverLine Coatings

If your Witchita parking lot has more than its fair share of alligator cracks, potholes and general asphalt disintegration, please reach out to EverLine Coatings today. Our crack-filling and infrared pothole repair techniques can lessen those pavement problems!

EverLine Coatings Wichita brings a blend of experience, reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction that’s hard to find elsewhere. We care about the long-term health of your pavement and never cut corners when it comes to asphalt repair. 

Contact us today to learn more about our asphalt repair services! 

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