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How to Enhance Your Wichita Church Parking Lot Through Professional Line Striping

Are you looking to create a welcoming and safe environment for your congregation and visitors in Wichita? Look no further than your church parking lot. Professional line striping enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your lot. A well-maintained parking lot with crisp, clearly marked lines serves as the first point of contact for anyone visiting your church. It creates a positive impression and ensures safety for all who use the lot.

Why Professional Line Striping Matters

Fresh line striping provides guidance and organization, helping drivers navigate the parking area with ease and minimizing the risk of accidents or confusion. This benefits not only church members but also visitors, employees and volunteers who rely on the parking lot for their transportation needs.

  • Safety: Crisp, clearly marked lines help guide drivers safely through the parking lot, reducing the risk of accidents or confusion.
  • Accessibility: Properly designated ADA stalls and crosswalks ensure accessibility for all members of your congregation and visitors with disabilities.
  • Organization: Well-defined parking spaces and traffic flow patterns maximize parking capacity and minimize congestion, especially during peak times, such as services or special events.

Challenges in Wichita

Extreme weather conditions such as intense sunlight and heavy rainfall occur frequently in Wichita. And let’s not forget the high winds crossing Tornado Alley. All of this subjects your existing line striping to significant wear and tear.

  • Weather Extremes: Wichita’s climate accelerates the deterioration of parking lot line striping, necessitating regular maintenance and professional services. Harsh weather conditions can cause paint to fade or degrade quickly, making it essential to invest in high-quality materials and application techniques to ensure long-lasting results.
  • Traffic Volume: High levels of vehicle traffic during weekly gatherings put additional strain on parking lot markings. Paint wears off more quickly, leading to diminished visibility and potential safety hazards.

Beyond Basic Parking Spaces

Line striping isn’t just about marking parking spaces. Other areas in the parking lot can benefit from professional painting as well.


Clearly marked crosswalks provide safe passage for pedestrians, especially children and elderly members of your congregation. Properly marked crosswalks help prevent accidents by alerting drivers to pedestrian crossings and encouraging them to yield the right of way to pedestrians, promoting safe, pedestrian-friendly environments.

ADA Stalls & EV Charging Stations

Properly designated ADA stalls with compliant markings ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and compliance with regulations. Accessible parking spaces must meet specific requirements for size, signage and markings to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide convenient access for individuals with disabilities. 

With the rise of electric vehicles, designated spaces for EV charging stations with distinctive markings promote sustainability. They also accommodate environmentally-conscious visitors.

Choose Professional Line Striping Services for Your Church

Whether it’s guiding the faithful to designated parking areas, ensuring accessibility for all or promoting sustainability with EV charging stations, professional line striping creates a welcoming and functional space for your congregation and visitors. It works for blacking out old lines and painting brand new ones, or when your property needs a completely new parking lot design and layout.

So why wait?

Take the first step toward enhancing your church parking lot today with professional line striping services from EverLine Coatings. We partner with you to ensure the overall success of your property and have a Preventative Pavement Maintenance Program to provide you with long-lasting solutions. Learn more about our parking lot line striping services today.

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