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4 Advantages of Quality Parking Lot Line Striping for Your Wichita Business

The state of your Wichita parking lot matters a lot more than you might realize. An old parking lot with faded lines that are difficult to navigate can be off-putting to potential customers, but it can also be a costly liability. The lines provide crucial direction to your patrons, letting them know where it’s safe to park and walk, as well as how to drive through it. They also designate certain spaces as fire lanes, ensuring emergency personnel can arrive and enter the premises rapidly when necessary. Without them, the risk of accidents or delayed emergency responders increases.

Here are four benefits your business can enjoy when you take advantage of quality line striping.

1. Improves Parking Lot Safety and Reducing the Risk of Accidents

Your parking lot lines direct traffic, just like the lines on the road. Professional line striping helps create a feeling of safety and order in your parking lot while providing clear, concrete navigation directions. They designate parking and pedestrian walkways, controlling traffic flow. 

Likewise, parking lot line striping can also help prevent accidents. Well-spaced lines, for example, can keep cars parked far enough apart from each other to avoid doors hitting adjacent vehicles. Keeping pedestrians in certain walkways where vehicle traffic isn’t routinely veering into also protects people as they approach and leave your business.

2. Maintains ADA and Fire Compliance

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) maintains strict regulations about handicapped parking spaces at all commercial properties. Line striping helps clearly designate these parking spots, allowing those who need them to park close to your business and enter or exit their vehicle safely. 

Another consideration is fire lane compliance. In the event of an emergency, you’ll want responders to be able to enter and exit quickly to handle the situation. When you trust the pros at EverLine Coatings to handle your parking lot line striping, we’ll ensure everything is up to code. 

3. Improves Curb Appeal and Attracting New Customers 

While curb appeal may not impact safety much, it’s still a major consideration. While in an ideal world, people wouldn’t judge a book (or business) by its cover, the truth is that first impressions matter. A parking lot with a worn, faded layout looks like it’s been neglected, which people may take to mean that the rest of your Wichita business is run poorly. 

We offer a range of parking lot restoration and repair services, from repairing cracks and potholes to applying sealant that will keep your painted lines looking vivid and clear for years to come. 

4. Maximizes Parking Lot Utility

If you’ve ever tried to park somewhere with a gravel lot, you probably know the struggle of trying to space out where your car can go. The same thing happens when you don’t have clear lines on your pavement. People can park haphazardly, reducing the number of cars that can fit in your lot and ultimately reducing the number of customers who can visit. When you entrust your parking lot line striping and organization to us, we create order and maximize the number of parking spaces. More spaces means more opportunities for customers to visit. 

Let EverLine Revamp Your Wichita Parking Lot With Line Striping Services

If your Wichita parking lot lines are looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to have them redone. The team at EverLine Coatings can help you get your parking lot looking its best, either by painting a completely new lot that maintains ADA and fire code compliance or by restoring the previously existing lines to help you attract new customers and improve their experience at your Wichita business.

As a property manager, you have enough to handle without worrying about the exterior of your business. We’ll coordinate your whole project and ensure it’s completed promptly so you can handle other tasks while we work our magic. Even better, our Wichita EverLine team do a full evaluation after finishing our work to prove you’re getting what you paid for, complete with before and after photos. Reach out and learn more about our parking lot line striping services

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