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Is Your Epoxy Floor Coating Peeling, Chipping, or Flaking?

Epoxy floor coating services with EverLine Coatings.

Is your commercial property’s epoxy flooring showing signs of wear and tear such as peeling, chipping, or flaking? When it comes to epoxy floor coatings, ensuring proper installation is paramount for them to perform well over the years in your commercial business. 

The rising concern over improperly installed epoxy coatings highlights the vulnerability of thin epoxy layers to issues like hot-tire pickup, flaking, and peeling. Businesses that had high hopes for their epoxy investments are now grappling with unforeseen maintenance costs and safety risks. Read on and learn what to do to avoid these issues. 

The Beauty of an Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring turns ordinary businesses into spaces that are sure to turn heads. This durable flooring delivers impressive durability when it is installed correctly. 

Epoxy floor coating basics

An epoxy coating is composed of an epoxy resin and a hardener—or catalyst. It gets poured in liquid form. When its components combine, the mixture starts to cure. 

What to Do if Your Epoxy Coating Is Deteriorating

What makes epoxy flooring deteriorate?

While epoxy flooring is popular for its durability and long-lasting nature, it can crack if there is a foundation shift because it’s not flexible. It can also chip if it is applied to weak concrete that contains cracks. Once epoxy floor coating starts to peel and flake, the old layer must be removed completely before a fresh coat is applied. If you don’t remove your old epoxy, your new flooring won’t adhere properly, and your problem will only get worse.

The importance of correct installation

If your current flooring is deteriorating, find a trustworthy professional to install new epoxy floor coatings properly, and enjoy the high performance and lasting results you deserve. There are several factors that must be considered when installing epoxy flooring. 

  • Epoxy is slippery when wet, so you need to avoid having it installed in areas subject to spills. 
  • There is a long preparation time before the application of epoxy. Surfaces must be perfectly clean and dry before installation.
  • The drying time between coats of epoxy and before use is long. 

6 Benefits of an Epoxy Coating

1. Epoxy delivers excellent adhesion, which contributes to a long service life. 

When properly installed, epoxy flooring ensures a flawless and long-lasting finish, increasing your commercial property’s value and function. 

2. Its bright, pro appearance enhances the looks of your business. 

Epoxy flooring gives your business a clean, crisp look. Its easy-to-clean surface stands up to heavy foot traffic and machinery.

3. Epoxy resists heat and chemicals, ensuring a broad area of use. 

An ideal solution for many commercial businesses, epoxy delivers heat and chemical resistance, adding to its track record of durability. 

4. Its price point is more palatable than other sealers. 

Finishing your commercial space doesn’t have to break the bank. You’ll enjoy how cost-effective epoxy floor coating is. 

5. Epoxy is available in a variety of colors, ensuring your facility’s sharp appearance. 

Match your brand’s style with the perfect color and finish

6. It helps ensure safety. 

Epoxy flooring increases visibility by reflecting light off its surface. For this reason, it is widely used in garages and industries to ensure safety. 

Premium Epoxy Floor Coating Installation for Your Commercial Property

If your commercial business is diminishing in its appearance due to cracking, flaking, or peeling epoxy flooring, it’s time to find a reputable contractor (like us!) to install new flooring for you. Avoid the possibility of further damage by finding a contractor who will go the extra mile and pay attention to details while installing your new flooring. 

Wondering where to start if you need a new floor coating for your commercial business? EverLine Coatings is the ideal solution to properly installed epoxy floor coatings. We stay at the forefront of floor coatings technology. With many years and experience in the industry behind us, we ensure that you choose the right product for your facility, and we install materials that last even through the toughest elements. 

We don’t take shortcuts while installing floor coatings. We review data sheets and follow manufacturer guidelines to the letter. This ensures that your investment lasts! Take a moment to learn how our commercial epoxy floor coating services can enhance the function and beauty of your business. Your company’s aesthetic excellence will wow your customers and improve worker morale, making it well worth the investment.

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