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TBL Durables in Northwest Indiana

Use TBL Durables for your line striping project in NW Indiana and experience the durability difference! Contact EverLine Coatings for a free quote.

Experience Lasting Results with EverLine Coatings and Services

TBL DurablesNorthwest Indiana property managers need durable line markings to maintain order in their parking lots. The problem is that the local climate causes parking lot lines to quickly fade. The best way to solve this issue is to use TBL Durables, a premium traffic coating, to create new lines.

EverLine Coatings uses TBL Durables to complete parking lot line striping projects. This allows us to create lines that last for longer. In addition to standard bay markings, we also offer custom stenciling. Our services can turn your Northwest parking lot into a safe, welcoming space for everyone to enjoy.

Ordinary Traffic Paint vs TBL Durables

Ordinary traffic paint simply isn’t up to the job of standing up to the Northwest Indiana climate. TBL Durables is much more durable, which means it lasts much longer. Therefore, you can significantly reduce your maintenance costs by choosing to use TBL Durables.

 Oil BasedWater BasedTBL DURABLES©
Life Expectancy1 YearLess than a year3 Years
CostBenchmark CostMore than BenchmarkLess than Benchmark
VOC Rating – g/L48015050
Dry Time5-8 Minutes60-120 Minutes5-8 Minutes
Temperature Requirement37F50F14F
Risk of Paint SpreadingLowHighLow

Advantages of TBL Durables

Line markings created using TBL Durables are clear and bright. What’s more, they stay that way for longer, thanks to the incredible durability of this traffic coating.

Benefits of Quality Line Markings for Northwest Indiana Businesses

There are a significant number of warehousing and distribution facilities in Northwest Indiana. In these busy environments, proper line striping is vital for delineating parking areas, loading docks and safety zones. Similarly line striping helps maintain safety and efficiency within local manufacturing facilities.

Northwest Indiana also needs clear line markings in its commercial parking lots. Shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants and other businesses with large parking lots depend on well-maintained line striping for organized parking. Traffic management is easier when there are clear markings, including custom symbols telling drivers where to drive, park and wait. Suitable markings are also required to create accessible parking bays to meet the business’s requirements under the ADA.

Schools, colleges, and universities in the region need line striping, too! Clear markings define student drop-off zones, crosswalks, bus lanes and parking areas. This helps to ensure the safety of students, teaching staff, parents and visitors.

Why Choose EverLine for Line Striping/Custom Stenciling?

EverLine Coatings has a commitment to delivering quality results in every parking lot line striping job. We offer TBL Durables, a premium traffic coating option that can deliver superior results. Our team has a deep knowledge of traffic coatings, allowing us to recommend the perfect product for every job. We also have meticulous attention to detail, delivering ideal results in every project we take on.

EverLine Coatings and TBL Durables in Northwest Indiana

At EverLine Coatings, we know how tough it can be to manage a property or facility in Northwest Indiana. That’s why we want to make things as easy as possible for you. Choose to work with us, using TBL Durables for your line striping project, and you’ll have a hassle-free experience. Contact us now for a free quote!

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