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EverLine Coatings Provides Parking Lot Repairs to American Family Insurance

Discover how EverLine Coatings transformed a parking lot for American Family Insurance in Northwest Indiana with line striping and asphalt repairs.

An attractive parking lot is a must for any Northwest Indiana business that wants to make a good first impression on customers. The parking lot of American Family Insurance, which had never been repaired and had several areas with degraded asphalt, was not at the required standard. Thankfully, EverLine Coatings was able to help restore the parking lot to an attractive and functional state.

Before After Before Asphalt Crack Filling on parking lot in Northwest IndianaLine Striping & Asphalt Crack Filling on parking lot in Northwest Indiana

Why American Family Insurance Chose EverLine Coatings

Due to a lack of companies providing pavement maintenance services in the area, American Family Insurance had trouble even getting a quote or a callback. That’s why owner, Michelle, reached out to EverLine Coatings on Facebook. We took on the project and got to work right away to address the lot’s many issues.

Parking Lot Line Striping and Asphalt Repairs for American Family Insurance

We started with infrared pothole repairs. There were 19 areas in the lot with degraded asphalt that needed filling in and restoring. We filled many cracks that could have developed into potholes if left unattended.

One area at the back of the building was particularly badly damaged, due to a downspout pouring liquid directly onto the asphalt. We used Gator Pave in this area to provide long-term protection.

We refreshed the parking lot line striping to make the bays clear and easy to use. A new application of asphalt sealcoating helped extend the lot’s longevity as long as possible. Our service should save American Family Insurance money on parking lot maintenance over the long term.

A Big Thumbs Up for EverLine Coatings

The owner of American Family Insurance, Michelle, was so happy with the job we did that she referred us to two other companies on the same street in LaPorte. “You are the best!” she said in her testimonial, rating our service as “top-notch.”

If your parking lot in Northwest Indiana requires repairs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to EverLine Coatings today. As you’ll hear from our satisfied customers, we go above and beyond to ensure every parking lot is left looking great. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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